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Revenge of Juan Dartes fans against Kalu Rivero

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December 31, 2018

The actors' defenders made a move through the social networks to influence the actress's work. Look at what it is about

Juan Dartes Kalu Rivero

Group by fans on Juan Dartes He used social networks to make a call, which had the main goal boycott "Sounds at night"The new bet on Telef what will it do? Calu Rivero, Esteban Lamot and Federico Amador.

The defenders of Darthés, who was also charged with raping an actress Telma Fardin when she was 16 years old and that at this moment she is Brazil will only be exiled, they demand "mass eclipse"Against Kalou's new novel, who also denounced Dartha for harassment.

# See how I do not see you the campaign became viral under that hashtag, mocking # MiráCómoNosPonemos, a phrase that spreads after the video Telma recorded to reveal what he had lived with Dartte during the tour The ugly Duckling.

It is worth clarifying that the group of fans, mostly women, expect that "Sounds at night"I have low rating at its premiere, which will be on 14 January at Telef.

After the start of the campaign, the network was full of messages calling for the novel to be seen, which is a source of work for many people and ignores the request of Dartes fans.

It should be remembered that in the last hours, Juan Dartes was excluded from the NGO Project Solarrio Tigre, for which the actor was a sponsor, according to TeleShow.

"Dartas was a godfather for three consecutive years. However, when Kalu Rivero's first complaint was published in early 2018, we talked to him and agreed that it is in the best interest of the Project to stay aside until the situation is clarified. Until then, he spoke about defamation in the media. But then a series of complaints from other actresses began (Anita Koachi and Natalia Yankos), so she did not return to sponsor the organization. And finally, a few days ago, testimony of Telma Fardin appeared, "she said. Pablo Rossi, president of the mentioned NGO, exclusively at TeleShow.

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