Wednesday , May 12 2021

Resident Evil 2 Remake is shown in another series of short videos

The promotion machine of Resident Evil 2 Remake continues in full swing and cruising speed. Although there is more than a month to enjoy the video game, Capcom did not stop showing pictures and videos. A few days ago they presented several clips of short duration (about 6 seconds each) and now they did it again another round video clips which we offer you following the following lines.

Do not shoot!

That zombies released from the police station is not the best medicine for the heart, so it's better to go well armed if you do not want to regret it later. On this occasion, Claire raises her hands and shouts in Leon so that he does not shoot, but he does not realize that behind the back zombies is trying to eat it as a delicious snack.

Terms of herbology

You can get used to going to a pharmacy and buying medicines in cans or pills, but when you're in an area that is attacked by monsters, you need to improvise and learn other types of skills. On medicinal plantsThey are a good option, but for them to have the best possible effect you will need to know their properties and mix them properly.

And a little gunpowder is not bad

If the idea is to survive zombie apocalypse, the plants will not suffice. Good defense is always important, but the attack will also be crucial. The gunpowder can be a good supplement Fill bullets or explode other things … preferably monsters.

Monsters on the roof

Zombies have already provoked disgust, but nothing is preparing to attack a licker, a creature of arachid movements, a skeleton and a long tongue that hits the upper ceilings of the police station. His viscous appearance, always with a voucher in the air, gives us an idea of ​​how terrible it is.

Samurai Edge, that's not what it looks like

Faced with such a name, it is thought of a very sharp katana that can cut off the most resistant heads. However, Samurai Edge is not a sword but a gun. Touch Take out your weapon and pollute the creatures with them, but be careful, because the bullets are very limited.

Resident Evil 2 Remake, in development for PS4, Xbox One and Computer, will be ready for the beginning of next year, especially for the next 25 January. It is not simply a facelift, but a residual version of novelties and stories that can be reproduced.

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