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Reka-Boca: tickets for Real Madrid flighters and there is resale – 12/02/2018

Where there is passion, some find a chance to do business. The seven thousand Superfinal tickets between Boca and Reka in Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday were decided in only two hours on the official site, with prices ranging from 80 to 220 euros. However, not all have acquired the intention to go to the stadium.

The Spanish site How already found in resale sites offering tickets to the game. Because the operation is illegal, the user appeals to the formula to sell two pens and ensure that he gives him a pair of superclass tickets that will be defined by Copa Libertadores. All for 1,000 euros.

Thus, while many river partners who legitimately bought a ticket will not be able to attend the show because they can not afford to travel to Europe, many from Madrid saw the opportunity to make an economic difference.

Those who have a chance to go will still have more opportunities to acquire their ticket. Both Boca and Reka will have at their disposal 20 thousand non-residents in Argentina, through the Conmebol site. And residents in Argentina will have five thousand locations for Boca and the river. They are nominal tickets that each club will assign, non-transferable, and each fan must withdraw to Madrid with a LTO presentation.

One week after the ending of the final that could not be done in Monumental, the first chapter of ticket sales already left the trail that it would not be easy to access Bernabeu for fans on foot.

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