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Reka-Boca: Conquest announces how controversial distribution of tickets for the final will be – 01/12/2018

In the midst of the controversy surrounding the change of location and the appeal of the River and Boca fans ahead of the uncertainty in the distribution of tickets, Conembol announced how will be the logistics for the sale of nearly 80,000 tickets available for the Copa Libertadores final which will be played next week at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

As stated in the official statement, will have 25,000 tickets for Boca and 25,000 tickets for the river.

Although from that amount only 5,000 of each club will be sold in Argentina.

Each institution must provide the list with the name and surname of the fans who buy tickets, which must then be withdrawn in Madrid.

The rest, Another 20,000 for each club will go to fans who do not live in Argentina. They will be able to buy up to four tickets per person and they will be sold online through the Conquebled website that will have access to those who live in Argentina.

There are also another 22 thousand records that will be divided between those for the protocol (about 6 thousand), and the rest will be for the general public. At this point, it should be noted that Real Madrid has already established a priority for its members, who will be able to buy two people.


The river and Boca will buy tickets and will allocate 5,000 people from Argentina. Each team must indicate the full name and ID number in the list.

Tickets sold in Argentina are nominal and must be physically withdrawn in Madrid with a LTO presentation. They are not transferable.


River. Availability: 20,000 tickets.

Period of sale: from Sunday 02/12/18 to 16 to Tuesday 04/12/18 at 14th.

Sales channel:

Each person can buy a maximum of 4 tickets.

Boca Availability: 20,000 tickets

Period of sale: From Tuesday 4/12/18 to 16th to Thursday 06/12/18 at 14th.

Sales channel:

Each person can buy a maximum of 4 tickets.

* Online sales are intended for fans outside Argentine territory, so buying from that country will not be enabled.

* Tickets will not be sold at ticket offices at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

* The remaining tickets (22,000) will be predetermined for commitments with sponsors, institutional and public in general.

From Thursday 06/12 tickets to the general public will be on sale in periods and areas that will be provided for this purpose.

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