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Rejection of controversial statements by Carlos Perciavale for Telma Fardine and Juan Darts

Friday night Carlos Persiavale (77) became a trend on Twitter: his name and surname were among the most sought after, not for artistic fact, but for an interview he gave to the newspaper Earth, from Uruguay. And in most of the comments on that social network, the rejection of his words was the norm.

It happened that Percyavalus rejected the lawsuit for a breach Telma Fardin (both publicly and in front of the courts) against Juan Dartes. "How can I trust him?" She claimed: "She entered the room, she did it because she wanted to have sex with him, so I will not criticize her," said the actor, among other controversial concepts (including, against women in general).

The abuse reported by Fardin would have occurred in a hotel room in Nicaragua in May 2019 during the tour The ugly Duckling (the fiction where they share the cast). Telma was 16 years old and Darth was 45 years old. And Perciavalle – without thinking about this age differences, and that the actress was then a minor, appears to be in harmony with what the actor claimed in his only interview from the appeal, which caused widespread anger.

But what was said: after the portals repeated these statements, the resistance reached. "Many centuries ago, he had a Uruguayan humorist bright and original who was called Carlos Persiavale. Currently, there is a homonym who seems very old and upset with life and with women, who says that things that at this moment the soireée no longer favor everyone, "considers, for example, the reporter Hinde Pomeranian. The writer Julian López He went further in his definition of the artist: "The aging of the fart".

Brave rejection of Telma Fardine

Two days before Percyaval's unlucky saying, Telma Fardin left a message on her Twitter account: "Today I heard a lawyer say the victims should report immediately. Do we really need to repeat how often the victims of abuse can not be expressed at the time?"And he added:" To your own malicious intentions What will we respond to? Facts, arguments and truth"

And yesterday, as the Perzival's note circulated, the actor Maxi Gion He left a raw account on his Facebook account. Supporting Fardine and Calu Rivero (which will also accuse him Juan Dartes) found that he was abused at the age of 11 years. Gion explained the appeal of the former actress The ugly Duckling it allowed, as already happened with famous actresses, to publish what hurts so much. It creates who creates it.

Today, while the cause of Nicaragua's justice continues to progress, Dartet is in San Pablo, although it is not yet clear whether, with his departure from the country, he is trying to break away from general rejection, or rather, everything reacts to strategy . And it is that if his extradition is requested, Brazil will deny it because the actor was born in the neighboring country.

Also, Brenda Ashnikar (one of the fictional protagonists broadcast by El Tresse) not only supported Fardin's appeal, but also said that she would not be the only actress who suffered inadequate acts. "It's terrible that inside The ugly Duckling it was not a situation, but many persistent attitudes of many people"he said.

"While we all remember the program with a lot of love, today we see a lot in the distance different When you are a child, manufacturers know that you want a role and there are many situations of abuse of power"she blamed Brenda, who once reported another delicate situation, which also occurred in Pumping: "There was an actor who told me he wanted to deter me, cashman, I was 16 years old, I was 37 years old."

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