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Recognition, Terrible Findings, and Hypothesis of the Lost Drug: Details of the crimes of Puerto Madryn

For the reason it is known as B.B. He is a 16-year-old minor who testified before the prosecutor Silvana Salazar to witness the crimes with a drug mafia drug seal in Chubut, Puerto Madryn, but He came out with foxes and ended up imputed with five other adults – Among them, the son of a former policeman – for "double-hacking murder" of young people, Hector Lopez (25) and Federico Loménia (27)

Their bodies, tortured, mutilated, stabbed, buried, covered with lime and sprayed with oil, were discovered thanks to the exact data of BB. in paradise: El Doradillo and Parana BeachTwo sand and ocean works that tourists and locals visit to see a whale and to bathe in sun and salt.

They were not the only determinations imposed before being separated and engaging in inadequate murders, in order to suspend the hearing.

B.B trusted that behind the double murder and the alleged suicide of Nicolas Kerrudo, 21, the third friend – For some investigators there are still doubts whether this is not another crime they attempted to take as a suicide bomber – There is a dark hand on the drug dealer Mendocino – The name and physical appearance are not known – in August he met Lopez and Lomeni to propose a phenomenal business that would raise them from poverty and raise them into the category of new rich.

Chubut and Puerto Madryn in general, and not to mention Patagonia, will be filled with men and women from different parts of the country to spend the summer.

People are generally good, who will join potential customers who have already settled on the site and are served by other "manuals" of medicines that worked for Mendoza that would reach Madrine in the imposed Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018 pickup truck those that are virtually unseen.

As told by B.B. other friends and acquaintances of the victims, who are also prisoners and detainees like him (Nalib Zachur – son of retired commissioner – Genaro Karioso, Giulio de Cecco, Aaron Sepulveda and Nicholas Alexander Valencia) foreign drug users assured them that the excellent quality cocaine hydrochloride he would have provided could be sold – as has already happened in the streets of Chubut – between 1200 and 1,500 pesos per gram "without stretching". A similar marketing value than in the city of Buenos Aires, Mart del Plata or San Isidro.

Stretched, cut, reduced, the yield will be much larger. In these cases, and always according to the percentage of "reduction", the dose can be sold an average of 800 pesos and then down according to the amount of sodium bicarbonate that "Mendoza" advised them to use. B.B. He told the prosecutor that The businessman, as he presented himself, assured them that "well-worked" could get a "profit of 40,000 to 80,000 pesos per month", and just for the beginning. If they know how to lead a drug, profits can be much greater.

To that point in the story, Chubut's justice believes that BB Not only because they found the bodies, but because the numbers that minors moved, mainly as a protected identity witness, emerged with street "values" that the researchers perceive.

However, in the story of BB, there is a point that has so far been called into question. Both lives will be reduced, according to prosecutor Salazar, for "debt between them in terms of drug and drug loss". Before the press, the official said that this was secured by Nicholas Kerrudo, friend López and Loménia, "before she decides to take her life away."

Unsatisfied youth will also be trusted – always as a witness – that "the group – from which he himself was a part – was engaged, – from a very short time – to the drug trade" and recalled that before he was killed, he wrote – you know with certainty what your letter is – "This happens by playing with fire ".

B.B. Instead, he added an element that would make the account adjustment much more likely, but for now there are no elements to support it. He stated that because of circumstances that he did not know, conflict between the group and narco-mendocino it does not originate due to the lack of a few cocaine or marijuana brick, but for losing "between 12 and 15 pounds" of cocaine hydrochloride with a purity of approximately 96% that would have a value of more than one hundred million pesos.

There are detectives who believe that Lopez and Lomana have accused and expelled the rest of the "members of the group" – as the prosecutor calls them – that they have disappeared and accused them before "Mendoza" and that they were massacred because of this.

The hypothesis is unlikely. Also, the "capitalist" will first "take over" narcotics for such a high value when it is believed that they would start retail cocaine traffic recently.

Observed from a distance, something is not closed.

As stated in the case, those cocaine bricks would be hidden in the sands and shrubs of El Doradillo. Until now the drug was not found, although relatives do not believe in the provincial police, is more, suspected of their possible complicity in the murders and drug trafficking in the area. They do not lack the motives.

The family members themselves, and not the uniformed men, were found in the neighborhood El Doradillo, a few meters from the site where they were found, on December 12 in the morning during the operation carried out by the relatives of Lopez. his car abandoned and wrapped in a blanket, the clothes the boy was wearing when he was last seen, a bloody identity document and some other items, in addition to a mobile phone with two bullet wounds.

On the site there were latex gloves and bottles with bleach. Police raided the same place that turned out to be "negative".

The way of extinction of the bodies of the presumed leaders of the group of young drug band of Puerto Madryn is of extreme savagery, and reminds the mafia brands of Mexican drug dealers more than Chubut.

Lopez was found today with both hands amputated – they were not found – half-buried and covered with lime and sprayed with oil several thousand feet from the place where the police found his vehicle in the Ecological piece El Doradillo in the suburb of Puerto Madryn.

"As has been highlighted since the start of the investigation, this is the reason that it has all the smells of drug trafficking," Prosecutor Salazar explained as soon as he found out.

As I knew Infobae, the body, with the action of the alkalinity of lime, was in an advanced state of decomposition and "eating" from the lime spread over the trunk.

Lopez was beaten on his head and body with one or more blunt objects, such as stones or clubs.

One week before and a day after Lopez disappeared, Kerrudo was found dead in his house.

While the prosecutor insists that he committed suicide, perhaps from remorse, after proclaiming in his office, the young man, Lopez's friend, showed signs of torture on his genitals compatible with a "torture session".

Did he make him commit suicide? Have you jeopardized your family for what you proclaimed? Did they simulate suicide?

For now, the questions have no answer.

Though for prosecutor Salazar, and according to the contributions that the witnesses of "retained identity" gave in the file, everything will be much simpler.
Keruro, who was part of the "group of members" of those killed and who took part in drug trafficking, "would organize a double crime, seeking help to kill the transaction."

This, according to the prosecution, was read in the message from WhatsApp that he sent to his group of friends – already detained – and to whom he asked them to buy lime and oil.

A scene that, if so, resembles a very good Netflix original series OsarkWhere it is killed and disappeared by burial with lime is Mexican drug.

The first thing that disappeared was Lomania. It happened on November 21. It was discovered by the police after the data of BB. in Parana beach, at the other end of Puerto Madryn, one day after the appearance of Lopez. His body had 20 percussion wounds and was located on the beach of Paraná the next day, at the other geographical end of that city.

His head was covered with bags and he was also sprayed with oil and covered with lime before being buried in the sand.

"We have evidence, accounting documentation about how drugs were distributed, all reinforced with testimonies of a retained identity leading a mini-organization that has already been investigated on the basis of federal justice," he said shortly after prosecutor Salazar, who called for the inability of provincial justice and that it happens with federal justice.

Narco route to Patagonia

The case presents so many raw edges that with small victories in the discovery of carcasses, Chubut government minister Federico Masoni and Puerto Madryn intelligent Ricardo Sastre have understood that it is appropriate to photograph the cemetery when they find the last disappeared

With this stubborn framework as a reference, Ms Mesney and the mayor demanded "more police presence," in this case federal forces in Puerto Madryn, which opens to the eyes of the country as violent and bloody violence from Rosario.
On the other hand, Chubut Governor Mariano Ezekiel Archioni decided to take the police out of the drug procedures that he made for the scant results and suspicions that fell on her, as they barely seized a few pounds of marijuana and never cocaine.
He also announced, without further details, the creation of a "Drugs Agency".

A few days ago, the Minister of the Government assured: "We have a record of abducting marijuana, but there is no cocaine, so I removed Madrin's brigade plan because I could not see any results, and when we did not see results, we did something bad because there are medicines everywhere.".

At this point, it is worth wondering if official reflection does not have to reach the terrible deaths with a drugstore.

According to official data submitted to Infobae by the Ministry of Security of the Nation, by Patricia Burich, the federal forces in the province of Chubut so far in 2018, "the seizure of cocaine has increased by 139%, as a result of a 131% increase in the number of operations and an increase of 135% in the arrests against 2017".

Intelligence reports on which he agreed Infobae they also reveal it towards Chubut and Patagonia in general, drug traffickers have established new routes to pass the poison, not only for consumption in their cities, but also for transporting them to Europe and Africa through their ports, perhaps less controlled than those in Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca.

"In Patagonia there was an increase in drug consumption, and the region average exceeds the country's average, there is a tendency south in drug consumption, we see that it is higher per capita than the national average and we are concerned about the high level of use of drugs drugs in the most important cities, "admitted Eugenio Burzaco, the national security secretary, on August 29th. A fact that the provincial authorities seem to want to ignore.

According to the maps that reveal new medicines for drugs he agreed to Infobae, a drug that, through Mendoza, arrives in Patagonia, comes from Bolivia.
From that borderland, it enters a land covered with trucks, for example cisterns across La Quiaca, Giujoui; and continues down from San Antonio de Los Cobras; touches the city Catamarca from Bethlehem. Continue through the Chilean, La Rioja; it touches the town of Jacha, in San Juan.

According to the work of the federal forces, The guards will make a strategic visit to Mendoza.

From there, the drug is channeled, one in Chile, and the rest continues south of Argentina.

Burn, El Bolson, Eskel, Gubernador Gregores, El Calafate, Rio Turbio and Rios Galegaos are some of the points marked in red, such as cities where drug traffickers will also have small distribution structures on the territory, or to climb up and take them out of the country, for example through fishing vessels that will be replaced by others with a larger crevice in the high sea

As you can see, behind the narcotics mafia crime in Puerto Madryn there is a much larger network than those of several young people who tried to leave the poor in the worst way, but only – or the smallest – they thought they could find.

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