Sunday , May 16 2021

Real brunette: My life was not as fair as people believe

It was not another year this 2018 that happened Morena Rial. Family conflicts, hospitalization, love, heart, and finally become pregnant by their current partner Facundo Ambrosioni, with whom they are waiting for the arrival of their first child.

But that was not all, a few months after I became a mother, More was launched as a singer and has already finalized the details of the song "Hello, baby", which will start your artistic career.

To work, Morena published her new website that included her "biography" and moved everyone with her first words and a description of her life.

"I am Morena Real, I was born on February 8, 1999. My life and my reality were not as fair as people easily believe" text started

"My life and my reality were not fair as people believed. I was adopted from a very young age and although everyone believes that no, no matter how small a child, always brings with him a feeling of abandonment and fear of returning"he counts.

And continued: "Suffer from abandoning, mistreating and feeling the need to make firm decisions like girls, tagged me." Despite the pain, I carry my scars with courage because I know they are there to remind me that I will be ahead at a time when I was sunk. a new goal that needs to be undertaken and a dream to become a reality, I look forward to the arrival of my first child with the man of my life, surrounded by my most important inclinations that do not scare me what is coming. saved from a well that I thought I would never get out. Now I realize that in order to give love, I have to hug myself first. "


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