Saturday , April 17 2021

Rally Serrano was launched as a candidate in the interior and defended the Fernandez-Fernandez formula

After openly announcing his full support for Alberto Fernandez's candidacy with Christina Kitchener, actor Raleigh Serrano made a reading about the election strategy for October and said he would be a candidate.

"It looked like an extraordinary act for Christina, to add Alberto with great humility on one side and make self-criticism from another," he said of the formula of Fernandez-Fernandez.

The actor star in one of the most popular series in Latin America, "El Marginal", which started its third season on 9 July, confirmed that he would go to Kirchner's list as a candidate for a deputy in Salta.

Juan Manuel Urbutei's critic of the government and the economic situation that crosses the province has confirmed that "there is a lot of desire" to take a place in politics.

The man nominated for Martin Fierro also pointed against the national government and said that "we are more indebted than at the time of the dictatorship".

Along with the same lines, he said that "things are very bad," that "no one gets the money" and that "people are starving."

"Let's change the groups work well, but there will be people who take them, because there will be no work or money to take," he said.

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