Sunday , August 1 2021

Quattrocs: Pinamar imposes new demands and limited circulation of "safe corridors"

Like dunes and pines and sandy streets and camouflaged bungalows in the forest, the quadricycle has in the last decades become part of the steady cast of the summer landscape of Pinamar and its regions. Identity mark for some, bad endemic to others, these hybrids born as rural vehicle and converted into a category of Dakar rally they are used for pleasure and comfort, but each summer inevitably causes tragedies – including deaths – that question their mechanisms of use and control.

In the aspiration to address failures and limitations of the state for raising awareness and avoiding lack of control, since January this year more than 12,000 square meters of which it is estimated that they will attack the city as a swarm Costa Emerald up Cariló, they must Respect the new rules and travel along the determined paths, with the risk of a fine if they deviate.

Except for the beach, where the entry of motor vehicles is banned for two years, the so-called. "safe circuits" They do not leave the area of ​​Pinamar. They were elected by the Municipal Executive under a decree promulgated by the Disciplinary Council during 2018.

Unlike the neighbor's Villa Gesel, where the restriction is for paved roads, the most important novelties in this city are ban on circulation through Bunge, the kind of "pillar" on the map, from the connection with Enrique Shaw, and also for use Avenida del Mar, for which they will now have only the privilege of passing cars and trucks (will they be a day's walk?).

In the municipality they explained Infobae that one of the urban aims is to decompress traffic to the circle Bong and Del Mar and that those who use them to go to the dunes area of ​​the so-called "Border"Like Carly, use it the outer streets of the city and distant the beach, as of Avenue Interview.

The requirements of every driver this summer, in addition to helmetare driving licence with the appropriate category, proof of ownership of domain (with identity card or name and / or invoice for purchase together with an import certificate in case of suitability of the type of vehicle), proof of safe current and updated.

In addition, all quads and UTV are reached with the new regulations You must carry an antenna with a two-meter-length antenna with a flag on the top. The goal is that it helps drivers to identify themselves between the climb and descent of the dunes.

From January 2, the quads' driving license will come into force throughout the province. Drivers must perform a test for driving some of the disabled songs. For now, the closest to Pinamar is in Gezel. However, this takes place for those who do not yet have a license with the motorcycle category; for these users the validity is maintained until the expiry of the deadline, and only then they will have to remove the boxes, if they require it.

Municipal law also provides for the creation of "areas with safe circulation", which are formed with the use and custom in the northern and southern "border" zones. The Observer Council determined that there should be signs of revenue and expenditure, guidelines for compulsory circulation, delimitation of perimeter areas, field characteristics, extensions and speeds, the maximum of which is established by provincial law in 30 kilometers per hour.

However, The dunes area will continue to be a source of danger. Terraces where commonly used squares are private, so that the state has no power to delimit the towers and use police power.

"As a state we do not have another authority of consciousness, land owners are aware, we held meetings, we agreed on the need for raising awareness, but after passing the allowed area there are no state controls and accidents may occur"admitted the Cambieus advisor Javier Picolito, a professional motorcycle pilot.

There is the Municipality of Pinamar 35 traffic control agents. It is expected to increase the amount of those sent by Operative sun and from National Road Safety Agency. There are already identified checkpoints down the "safe areas" and others that will be traveling.

Pizzolito understands that in order to reduce the high rate of accidents and deaths generated by the use of quads they need more time. "It's a fairly complex enforcement and enforcement law and It will take some time to educate users. Certainly from the Arbitration Council we will try again with results this summer at hand, "the advisor / pilot said.

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