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Prices care: this is the list of basic products – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina

On Wednesday, the government announced a series of measures to try to mitigate the effects of inflation. One of the main ones was that associated with the price agreement. In the hours when this measure was known, a new list of essential care products was finally released, which consisted of 64 products from the basic food basket and this will not increase for six months.

The government agreed with 16 companies to keep prices for 180 days of products such as oils, rice, flour, pasta, milk, yogurt, sugar, tea, sugar, cans, polenta, cookies, jams and drinks. They will be sold at more than 2,500 outlets throughout the country.

Among the novelties in the list of these 64 products that are offered in the care, La Armonía milk from La Martona, which belongs to the same company, will be replaced. However, the latter will cost 38.80 dollars, which is 40% more than the price of the economic product of Mastellon.

Also, the Apostles UAT milk from Adeko Agro will be added. This product will enter May 7, when the entire plan will be restored. The price will be $ 45.

The list also includes, among others, oil every day; flour, dough and flour Morix; on the Quaker pole (Pepsico); Domino sugar (Ledesma); Chamigo yerba, Rice susharelli and Reggio noodles (Molinos Rio de la Plata); Ilolay yogurts; Beer Quilmes; Norton red and white wine; cookies Opera, Traviata and Hogareñas (Bagley); Greed desserts (Sancor); tomato paste, gardener, afternoon cookies and jams (Arcor).

Full list of basic products

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