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Predictions by Carlos Tevez "Cacho" Laudonio for the super-finals against the river

It's almost part of Bombonera. All fans who fired at the outdoor training stadium, immediately afternoon last Thursday, immediately marked it. On Crazy Bandera He was present, waved a badge and shared some moments with the players and the coach.

Then, he wandered around the womb of the court, his second home. He stopped for a few minutes to talk Infobae, but does not tolerate seriousness. He stands next to the recorder behind the fence and when he is ready to issue a serious answer, he immediately gets out of laughter because two men working at the club were playing for him: "What a barbarian, they touched my tail."

Oscar Cacho Laudonium He does not remain unnoticed by his clothes and wakes up the curiosity of some foreign media representatives who have consulted on his history and relationship with the La Ribera institution. Take care of everyone, always with a smile and energy that hides their more than 80 sources.

"What people in the yard are a sign of feeling and passion, I do not say, is what everyone sees", note Cacho, who recalls his presence at the Intercontinental since 2000, when Boca won in Real Madrid with the double of Martin Palermo and since 2003, one of the penal-correctional facilities against Milan.

In the final of Libertadores comes to the final: the last, in 2007. "I saw him in Brazil with Wizard Juan Roman Riquelme, who caused a very big problem. He dismantled six balls, they had to strengthen them and put glue on them so they could play. It was unforgettable that night, "are the words with which he describes them Crazy Bandera that the performance of the idol is xenon.

You will surely see the match with his wife and children, but he regrets that the soul can not be present in the Monumental. Of course, he said that if Boca is crowned, will a place reserved for a trip to the UAE for the World Cup in the club. At this point it is a kind of amulet.

Against the river, it foresees a closed and very difficult game. But Laudonio has already given his prediction to Carlos Tevez and he also shared with Infobay: "We won with 1-0 with a goal from him, I told him". Similarly, he did not want to put pressure on Apache's Property Coach: "Guillermo knows what to do." In addition, he thinks it is best to keep the soul in the second half when the defense of the opponent is worn out: "With his vitality and feeling, he can make us win the Cup." Will it be overtime? "We did not reach the resumption, we won before", he concluded.

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