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Pre-planned antecedent train schedules: what to do in DNI – 03/10/2019

The Ministerial de Seguridad activates a program that segregates focussed documents and realizes reconocimientos facialis in distances from the train station to the delimiter. Initiative se enmarca en el denominado "Train Program Officers".

Mediante la incorporation 1,000 mobile phones with data base aquellas personas cometieron algún type delitos en los trenes, than buses seguridad delivers transports and prevents the typical type of hecho delictivo.

The presentation was made on the basis of this juvenile delinquency at the Miter Ferrocarril Terminal, in Retiro, but by Ministers Patricia Bullrich; by par Transporte, Guillermo Dietrich and the president of Trenes Argentinos, Marcelo Orfila.

Regulations are available as instructed by the "Fuerzas Policies de Seguridad" in the form of extras that control and control your son's proprietary, aggressive, transit and / or permanent residence of persons using public transport. trains, without any object, to verify the identity of the secrets, to ascertain the existence of a potential existence and / or the existence of a restrictive mediation of the judicial system ".

The following are the following functions:

  • Escorted DNI of a person on mobile (such as football cannons), to verify how they have captured the alerts and their antecedent alerts (of sea alguna detención previa alguna causa administrative).
  • How tras el escaneo en el mobile del agente se una luz verde persona puede seguir. As a sale, you have a deliberate job in the trains and an unfortunate situation.
  • In the case of an unauthorized pedestrian, the procedure for detecting the person and information is justified.
  • In addition, there is an antecedent to detecting administrative causes, the police solely notifying them of the existence of this information.
  • In one of the first stages, the controls are carried out at the Retiro and Lacroze stations of Buenos Aires.
  • In case the person does not have the DNI tariff or in the physical format, it is implemented in a program called "Tribune Segura", which does not include the number and verification of the identity and antecedent of the person.

The minister's office shall be provided with information that Iran incorporates new arrangements within 4 milliseconds.

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Implementation of these controls, as regulated, extends to a number of agents of the National Gendarmerie and of the Naval Prefecture to provide such controls at the ferroviarias terminals.

Initially, the program is implemented in the Retirement and Sacramento Estates of Buenos Aires and the personal identification number of such persons is identifiable and advertised as subject to serial monitoring.

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