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Pour the browser to the maximum


Written by Alberto R. Aghiyar

Chrome It's one of the browsers commonly used and known throughout the environment Android. There are many users of tablets and phones from this system that prefer the browser Google for surfing the net. With these Chrome tricks, you will be able to get the most out of this app: you'll navigate more, faster and get more with them shortcuts.

Activate the flags you want

Google Chrome has a series of functionalities which are disabled for various reasons. For the most part, the reason is that it is a function that is still under testing. To check which one of them exists, you can access the following address from your Android: chrome: // flags. A list will appear where you can see which tools your browser has and that you might enjoy right now.

In addition, many of these features can only be enabled in two versions of Google Chrome, also available in Play store, Chrome Canary o Chrome Dev (for developers). They are versions of the same app, something more unstable than the simple reason that are versions in browsing tests. But if you want to check what the news will contain the future standard and stable versions of Google's browser, it's a good option.

Chrome Canary (unstable)
Chrome Canary (unstable)

Chrome Dev
Chrome Dev

Many of Chrome's tricks that we explain in this guide are activated through the flagship system, which is how Google knows these features.

There is a new context menu

One of these flags that you can activate in the steady version of Chrome, which you already enjoy on your Android, is the ability to have a new and improved context menu. This menu is the one that is displayed when holding your finger on the touch screen in a link. Normally, when you do this, what appears is a drop with many rudimentary options, such as opening a tab or opening this link in a new tab or copying the link to the clipboard.

With new contextual menu, the range of options has been expanded, and Chrome will also allow you to directly share the linked page through your social networks.

To activate this context menu, you can browse either the flags page that we previously linked to you or directly in the browser at this address: chrome: // flags # enable-custom-context-menu

Once this is done, you will need to click on the & # 39;By default& Activate this functionality by selecting & # 39;Enable"The auto search engine will ask you restart and after you reboot, you will have this new tool.

Download the pages you want to check later offline and easily browse them

You can download the page you want on your phone in case you want to check it later. Obviously, if you do this offline, your links will not work. To do this, simply open the browser's toolbar and find the drawing of the down arrow. Symbol for download. Press and leave.

A few of these tricks for Chrome are great if you put your phone in Airplane Mode. Also, another quick trick: use the browser's browser to highlight as many times as you like and a word appears in it a lot, something great if you want to see the term you've neglected.

Drag between tabs

You may want to quickly change the tab and you can lose some time to open the open tab to do this. One option that is little known is that Chrome offers you the ability to reload between the tabs. Of course, you will need to drag your finger on the address bar and tools.

Activate the new user interface

It's a flag that only works for a moment in Canary Canaries. It is a new user interface that Google is still testing and which has much more rounded edges and new colors than it will be. future versions of the popular browser. It's not as functional as many other Chrome tricks we've listed, but very much like a new design.

Remove the page in PDF format

It's very simple and less familiar: you can get a website from your Android PDF format. How? In the sharing menu, instead of uploading the web through WhatsApp or Facebook, click on Print. You can automatically select a printer with it, extract the file into PDF.

More Tricks for Chrome: Quickly copy the URL to the web

No, you do not have to touch the address bar and after you do this, press and hold to select the entire text and copy it. By directly pressing the finger on the address bar, Chrome will already open a drop-down menu in which the copy option will appear.

Click on a word to find it

You can read in English and do not understand the term or that you read an academic or scientific-technical document and there is a "word" that you do not know how to lock it, nor the context. Do not worry: if you're in Chrome for Android Just tap the word in question and you can automatically search with the search engine.

Create a Start button to return to your home page

As in desktop browsers. You may have already seen on the screen of other devices that have this button: it may be because the phone in question has changed Chrome APK. In any case, you can activate this flag in unstable versions of Chrome (Chrome Canary, in particular): chrome: // flags / # force-enable-home-page-button

This will create a startup button in the address bar that you can return to the page you have configured in your browser to open it first. A good way to "go home" with these well-learned Chrome tricks.

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