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Posadas: free delivery of bait for glodaricid

The Posada inhabitants can access any of the existing Territorial Integration Centers (CIT) and remove the rope bait.

At each of these points, there is a responsible person in charge of giving recommendations and all the necessary information for proper manipulation of the poison and thus achieving optimum use of it.

In parallel, the technicians of the Zonoses Department belonging to the Directorate for Epidemiology and Health Surveillance visit temporary strategic sites for placing in the position that the planters can have free access to this preventive element.

This informative space has already been visited by Chuckles 149 and 181, the central building of the municipality, the San Martin Square and 9 de Julio and the IPS headquarters, located in the street Ayacucho near San Martin.

In addition, the municipality informed that those who are interested in receiving rodents can also access the headquarters of the zoonotic department, located at the intersection of streets 22 de Diciembre and Bermúdez, from 7.30 to 12.

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