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Pokemon GO: How to complete new missions and rewards on field research Lugia | Ho-Oh | Niantic | Increased reality game | Video games

List of new missions for field research in the Pokemon GO. Check them out here and find out about awards available. There are some Pokemon is shiny available. Remember that the Christmas Event Pokemmon GO is still available and is in the last hours. Do not miss!

These changes made in Pokemon CSOs are with the return of Lugia and Ho-Oh. In the next note we'll show you full list on new awards and missions on field research, which can help you finish several phases of Let's GO, Meltan Research

A few days ago, the creator of the game of increased reality, Niantic, notify all Pokémon GO coaches that Lugia and Ho-Oh will join the list of legendary ones that are rewarded from the seventh seal of the field research.

This generated some disturbance with Pokemon CSO fans, as these legendary ones will be available for two months. On the other hand, they were asking Niantic about the advent of the lake trio: Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf.

As you know, the three legendary creatures mentioned above are part of the painting with which the Christmas event of Pokemon GO, which will culminate in the next few hours.

Lake Pokemon Go Trio

In addition, users have very little time to take advantage of the third bonus of the event, which reduces the distance it takes to go to get eggs.

This time, Niantic has released 21 mission that can be achieved by converting the discs to any Pokemon GO congestion station. Among the prizes are, among others, Lapras, Manequin, Aerodetil, Spanda No.5.

In the next YouTube video, Keyson Streamer will explain each group of missions and awards which brings them field research. In addition, at the bottom you can see the two infographics that will help you to be aware of this new wave of challenges.

Remember that Lugia and Ho-Oh have the same chance to come out as a reward for field research, after we finish the seventh press, such as Zaddos, Moltres, Artikouno, Suikun, Raiku and Enttei. Below, we are showing you the complete list of new ones missions and awards.

field research missions and awards

Pokemon GO missions and field research awards

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