Monday , May 17 2021

PHOTO: NASA finds mysterious white spots on the farthest space object ever studied

The New Horizons Probe to Earth transmitted the image that is the most detailed view of Ultima Thule, the most remote space object ever studied, located in the Kuiper belt. In the picture you can see mysterious white spots and huge holes, Nasa said in a statement.

"This new image begins to reveal geological differences in the two parts of Ultima Thule and presents us with new mysteries," said Alan Stern, senior researcher at the Boulder Southwest Research Institute (Colorado, USA). .). According to a specialist, in the coming weeks, the space agency will receive images with a better color and resolution.

Experts detail that these places and holes they reach from 700 to 7 kilometers in diameter and its origin is unknown. It is assumed that they could have been formed at the beginning of the birth of the Solar System.

On January 1, the New Horizons probe entered the space body, technically called 2014 MU69, and what successfully flew. The subject consists of two related "spheres": Ultima, 19 kilometers in diameter, and Thule, 14 kilometers in diameter.

"The new horizons flew over the farthest object ever visited by the space probe and became the first directly examined an object that keeps track of the birth of our Solar System, "the agency said, noting that it was an event that"he made history"

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