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Person 5 Royal will have special content for those who have a file Personality 5

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<p><strong>Atlus</strong> revealed today through the magazine <strong>Weekly Famitsu</strong>, new information about <em><strong>Face 5 Royal</strong></em>, the new version of its renowned JRPG 2016. Among them are the details of the new content that the title will have, as well as the incentives that can be obtained by those who played and saved the file from the original title <strong>PS4</strong>.</p>
<p>More than that, it is the same game in which they added only a new mini-story, <strong><em>Face 5 Royal</em></strong>    There will be several additions, modifications and corrections that will make your experience a bit different for those who play their first version. From the very beginning and in terms of play, the publication confirms that this will make it possible to get an experience more easily and that the rhythm of the battle will be felt a little more dynamic and faster. Along with this, it is stated that the help function will now have the votes of all the characters and, based on the parameters of friendship and trust we have with them, will rationalize several processes indicating the destinations to which they should go.</p>
<p>Another important detail in the publication is its history. The new semester we will explore and cover the months from January to April will surpass what was done at that time <em><strong>Face 4 Gold</strong></em>, and although he did not investigate more details, he made sure that he would love all the fans who stayed willing to live more with the characters. It was also confirmed that all those who have a file storage on <em><strong>Face</strong><strong>a</strong><strong>    5</strong> </em>in <strong>PS4</strong> they will receive several special content; however, the said file will not be compatible with <em><strong>Face 5 Royal.</strong></em></p>
<p>Other news that fans can expect <em><strong>Face 5 Royal</strong></em>    are new creditors who apply to us – besides the previously discovered ones <strong>Kasumi</strong> and <strong>Maruki</strong>, the new characters – more than 20 new melodies and events that will enable us to get to know the characters better.</p>
<p><strong><em>Face 5 Royal</em></strong>    will come out inside <strong>PS4</strong> and will be launched in <strong>Japan</strong> next month of October. In <strong>West</strong> It will arrive by 2020.</p>
<p>Source: Famitsu</p>
<p>Through: Gematsu</p>
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