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"Patrón" Bermdez destroyed Carlos Tevez

Carlos Tevez It was the news in the last few hours as a result of some unfortunate statements in the program "No Todo Passa" by TyC Sports. Is this a fraud? Boca Juniors it was very critical when it relates to Guillermo Barros Scoop, a former Xeneize coach. Because of their political statements, many people rooted at La Ribera's club attacked Apache. One of them was Jorge Bermez, one of the references to the history of the blue and the golden elite.

A few hours ago, Tevez fired a few phrases that led to Melissa: "I knew how to come in. Guillermo did not talk to me when Mauro Zaret came, but if you see a player, it's a deception in the club and you will bring someone to replace him In the first game, Mands to Tevez to the bank, he gives a sign that they do not love you … If Guillermo continues in Boca, I will surely leave … If I was not in Boca, I'm sure that such situations will not be forbidden. I'm meeting someone, eating lots of things that would not be eaten in another club. "

As a result of these statements, Patren spoke of ESPN and was lapidar with Apache. "It was something that could not be saved, I do not think it's for a moment that he has to pass, but in Boca asked him not to speak, the reality is that Tevez is not playing football today," said Colombian.

Then, Bermdez made it clear that this situation is hurting Tevez. "All this takes away your strength for your immediate future, it's like an idol and it's asking for the right, when it's the people who are taking you to be." Tevez believes he is more important than the club, his team-mates, his present and his football is not productive for a while and is not a competition, if Alfaro puts Vanchope in one leg, he's more than Carlitos, "said the former player.

Also, Jorge assumes that there should be great anger at the club, as Apache's testimonials do not add to the new project that is headed by Gustavo Alfaro: "Burdisso must be very angry at what happened and surely Carlos has already spoken to Alfaro, who will he has to deal with the situation, Professor Alfaro is very intelligent and nothing will happen to him, he makes decisions according to the performances of the players, that is, the player was put to the attention and says: "I do not care what the campus thinks."

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