Monday , May 17 2021

Passengers saw how the plane's turbine was disarmed in flight

The roof of one of the engines began to remove seconds after taking off.

Passier Flight 260 from Frontier Airlines experienced the experience of freezing as one of the aircraft engines collapsed and crumbled into the air. He was taken off McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to Florida.

People on the plane managed to collect images of the shocking moment when part of the cover of one of the Airbus 320 engines appeared shortly after take-off. This produced an emergency situation.

The flying crew immediately asked for the return of the airport, and in case of emergency, none of the 166 passengers on board had sustained any injuries or damage.

"The engine continued to operate normally and the plane, Airbus A320, landed well"said the airline.

The airline decided to reimburse passengers with the full cost of the trip and provide an additional $ 500 bonus.

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