Sunday , January 17 2021

Pampita, very critical of Gabo Usandivaras's dazzling appearance in the photo of the dance: "There is no need to copy"

The upper part is counted Pampita Online why he did not like the clothes that became one of the most beautiful nights.

Pampita criticized Gabo Usandivaras' commentary on the photo of the dance

One of the great events of this week was the call of the protagonists of the Super dancing to make the cover image of the magazine People with the selected ones from this edition to Marcelo Tinelli.

As happens every year, the look of figures was subject to analysis the next day and Pampita, who represented himself as a jury of ShowMatchThat was no exception. At the top criticized his panel Pampita Online and designers have invited the most prominent teams.

Among the most striking was that of Gabo Usandivaras: the dancer to share the song Flower of Ve opted for a black gallery, super glamorous.

As soon as he saw it on the screen, Pampita remembered the actor Billy Porter He is also dressed in this year's Oscar Awards: "He surely said that I want to do the same in Argentina. That has already been done and is already seen if Oscar looks at my grandmother. It was a month ago!"

"It's funny when something is original and you're doing it for the first time, for a month now after everyone has their heads, it will come with a curtain and have an impact"

"It's ridiculous when something is original and you do it for the first time, it's a month since everybody is in the minds. It will come with a curtain and generate an influence that is hidden from what it wants," added the top.

Pampita continued her criticism of the bones: "I love the dress, I wear such a design. I do not like the idea because we just saw it. You do not have to copy it from the outside, you have to do your own things."

"Apart from what we say here and in other programs, he was fascinated. He made us talk about him," Closer to the comment by Gabo.

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