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Outline of the head – 17/11/2018

Diego Pablo Simeone says that his trainer's work lasts from Monday to Saturday: Sunday is for players. It refers to the preparation, to the analysis of the opponent, to the selected message at the press conference, to the assessment of the players and their moments. To the chosen strategy. The previous one from the second classic exceeds the six days mentioned by Chol: they are practically two weeks. And neither Guillermo nor Gallardo want to reveal their movements.

One of the dolls is habitual. In Boca, before the first stage, they knew he would try to surprise with a tactical movement – in fact, on Thursday there were figures at Casa Amarilla, which would mark the fifth line because of the discomfort expressed by the permanent owner who knew he was going to the bank. From the results and operations obtained in 4-1-4-1, Schelotto Barros decided to give continuity to consolidate the idea. Pavon's production burned books. In the same way that Simeone sets up the work mechanics of trainers, he says that you never have to change bases before the final. However, 4-4-2 with a double 9, which was never used, was a formula corresponding to the development and exposing the defensive weaknesses of the River.

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Hardly Pavón is 100% to the rematch and practically excluded from the beginning – a little by injury, sometimes because of its low performance. Moving away from the set opens the game and contributes to the idea of ​​not giving the opponent the instructions on how to go in search of the game. Melli will evaluate different schemes to give a blow …

It is known: his favorite drawing is 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 is one of the most used and 4-1-4-1 was the one who gave him identity and classifications in the current edition of the Liberators. 4-4-2 complicated river in the last classic, 4-4-1-1 is the one that changes it into the head and line 3 on 3-5-2 (or 5-3-2) it is possible to work on the eventuality that they can be the final everything or nothing. The quality and quantity of players in the team allows you to be able to choose: except Fabra and Pavon, all the rest is available. Therefore, until the final day, Schelotto Barros will work according to all variants to choose the one that best suits the team's needsThe main change from the first match, which was an open match, is that the error may not allow time to be recovered (so both sides will minimize the margin of error). The obligation changes: in the case of a tie in the first match and the venue, the biggest responsibility lies with the river.

At Boca, they will try to make sure that there are no leaks in terms of the work done and the operating schemes. They know that matches of this kind end in solving details, and their own information is power for the opponent.

At the beginning of the killings in the current edition of the Cup, Guillermo changed to win. He put down a general idea of ​​the game to choose what best suits his team. It was probably his best triumph – or the most tangible way to prove his maturity as a trainer. The step given allows you to imagine the possibility of a second end in Monumental. In a game that has so much to win and much to lose, antecedents and ideals are put aside when the only thing that matters is to get a result. They do not even reject line 3, a symbol of Carlos Salvador Billard …

Conmebol presented the medals. Photo: Conmebol.

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