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Oscar Ruggers' emotional farewell to Tata Brown: "He was our leader, he told us everything we needed to do" – 08/14/2019

The death of Jose Luis Brown hit hard in the world of Argentine football. And the sample were heartfelt words Oscar Rougery, his defense partner at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, who remembered a friend on Fox Sports' 90 Minutes program, where he served as a columnist.

Rugger remembered Brown as well 'defense leader' who won the last World Cup for the national team and also talked about the unity of the group he led Carlos Salvador Billardo.

"I was talking to him there yesterday, a little bit, I went into the drawer and said, 'Now you care about us from above. Take care of us. " I told him with pain in his soul because he was a barbarian, a first-rate man who didn't deserve this, this shameful disease, that he was so young, "Rougery began, moved by how badly Brown had fought in the years he fought against Alzheimer's. .

And he went on: "Except, good people and friends. And on the ground genius. Of course, with our limitations … But the guy was our leader and he knew everything we had to do and he told us whether we should go right or left. , here, here, here, that eye you have. That was a crack because it was a crack because it had Billardo de Quikito.

In that sense, he reminded all members of that team and coaching staff who had already died: "I had a pain in the soul. World champions are coming together. There is Tito Benros (props), Prof Echeveria (physical trainer), is (José Luis) Kucifo and now Tata is there. "

Rugeri also complained about the absence of AFA President Claudio Tapia, who did not come close to waking up, and praised Student fans for "firing their footballers and idols".

"Truth, my respect for how they dismissed the footballers who were idols. You see them and it's like family. It's like everybody being friends, brothers. They were all: those from today, those from a thousand years ago. What surprises me, but not so much as there was no person from AFA, not a single person, it is no longer a surprise that even the AFA president did not approach to greet the lady, I do not care, it is strange, in football Argentine no longer surprises me. " he got angry.

"It's weird. Because he is a man who gave life to students. You heard him speak at the rally and he was a student, a student. He didn't care about Boca, Rivera. He was always a student. Today, the things that the national team is talking about, the history, this framework, the history, then they had to be present, you arrive, you greet, you leave, it's ready, ready, anyway, we went, we said goodbye to our friend, our companion of a thousand battles, "I continue.

And he closed: "That for the Student People does not stop surprising me. Everybody had to fire him as he deserved. I wanted to thank you for having the opportunity to speak on behalf of the boys of 86 years. (Jorge) Valdano, (Diego) Maradona, (Pedro) Pascoli, (Hector) Zelada, (Claudio) Borgi, (Sergio) Almirin … All those who could not arrive sent a message. This way a person who was a crack as a person ended up, always available for what you needed at any time. He left, unfortunately, with all the pain of his soul. We are a very united group. We are world champions and the group is disarmed and ready. Even families. Tata's kids. We have all seen them born. We spent Christmas together. Billardo is responsible because he always told us the second family, first the National Team. But in the end, it made us a closed group, defending ourselves and defending ourselves on the ground. "


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