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Oral care: the three problems that most concern the Argentines

In general, the privileges of the Argentine consultations are related to teeth, followed by mouth in general and, interestingly, also consulting the language.

Argentines consider that health is the most important factor when it comes to thinking about personal care: 86% of searches refer to it and the main problems are centered on three common problems, including "toothache" and "wounds" . Consultations are usually associated with an understanding of their causes and ways to treat them – through domestic alternatives-. This is reflected in issues such as "homeopathy for toothache", "how to relieve toothache", "how to cure wounds" and "why wounds disappear", among others.

The third problem is "Cleaning" , which also occupies a significant place in the oral health of Argentines: within this category, 72% of the search interest corresponds with the general cleansing of the mouth, and then rinse with 17%. In this regard, the Argentines focus on the search for easily accessible products or brands and solutions for a quick solution. For example: "oxygenated water as a mouthwash" and "types of mouthwash". Oral hygiene is also associated with other everyday products, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Although these three topics within the health category are those that generated the largest number of searches, the five terms that rose most in the beginning of 2018 – compared to the same period of the previous year – were some more complex problems: sensitivity, angiomas, bruxism, cancer and tartar.

Apart from the importance of tooth health, aesthetics is part of Argentina's concerns: it represents 12% of their interest and largely – 94% – is focused on whitening. Guided by the desire to get a gray smile, this aesthetic treatment has been growing since 2014 and has the highest peak of interest in 2017.


Among the Argentines the interest in products that can be used at home as "toothpaste" stands out; Many brands offer toothpaste that avoid the natural tone of the teeth in an easy and practical way when disinfecting the mouth. These products made a big leap in 2017 and since then their searches have grown exponentially. In return, "Whitening tapes" also became a trend since its launch in 2014: In general, this type of treatment requires only placement of strips or strips that apply only half an hour in about 20 days.

They represent more than 20% of product searches and currently maintain a constant search volume. Then, follow other procedures such as "laser bleaching", which requires an expert and other alternative for home use, such as "dishwasher".

On the other hand, the remaining 4% of the search for oral care refer to general information, which includes 58% of search in applications and related games, mainly to create teeth cleaning habits among the youngest. While 27% of Argentines give priority to age-related questions and loss of teeth, such as "the age of teeth", "age at which the joints fall", "what age do teeth go out" and "techniques" for proper brushing ". In addition to seeking solutions in the browser, 67% of Argentines say they also use YouTube to learn how to do something.

So much so that some videos with advice and recommendations for taking care of the mouth reached thousands of views and subscribers: among them, videos such as teeth whitening for two minutes and stand out the "Health Before All" and "Genial" channels. Whether for health or for aesthetics, for Argentina, oral care is something that generates great interest and, in general, in terms of searching for easy and quick solutions to your concerns through easily accessible brands or home-based alternatives. In addition, although they channel most of their searches through the browser, they also use other platforms such as YouTube to access instructions and explanatory videos, among others.

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