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Okampo paid a broken glass The Minister owes …

Surprised by the interior after an unsuccessful security operation that ended with the suspension of the Copa Libertadores final, Buenos Aires security minister Martin Okampo, who was on vacation as Buenos Aires chief prosecutor, resigned. The clerk tried without success to fulfill the obligations in the federal forces that took part in the operation, which corresponded to Patricia Bulrich. President Mauricio Macri has resolved this discussion in favor of his minister. Instead, just days before the G20 summit, Diego Santilli will be sworn in, who will serve as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice and Security. Security Secretary Marcello D'Alessandro was confirmed at the post.

Bulrich and Okampo spent the weekend, accusing themselves of failing the operation. From the city they pointed out that the events occurred in the security of the ring 3, which corresponded to the prefecture, a force reporting to the minister. After talking with the president, Lareta left to take full responsibility for what happened. It was the beginning of the end for Ocampo, which was confirmed in less than 24 hours by Larretta. In the middle something changed.

In addition to Makri, the Chief of the General Staff, Markos Penja, assumed responsibility for the return of the blame for Buenos Aires' representatives for the failed operation: "The responsibility is for the city, but we are part of the same team," said the Minister of Coordination.

Prior to the resignation, security secretary D'Alessandro tried to reduce the tone of the internal. He said that "it's not a matter of falling or pointing out anyone in particular, we are responsible," D'Alessandro emphasized, noting that at the place where the bus that moved the Boca Juniors players was attacked "he did not stop" people who were concentrated in one corner and "surpassed" security.

Later, Ocampo's resignation, a favorite lawyer for President Boca Angelicki, who is the godfather of one of his sons, became famous. Ocampo was a Buenos Aher lawmaker, a place from which he defended Maqri frontally before accusations of illegal espionage, and before an investigative commission seeking to calm his political judgment. Acquired at the Australian University, a radical of origin, Okampo did not hesitate to use all the gadgets to defend his political leader, who has now succeeded in removing him from office. He behaved like a real soldier.

Then, Ocampo assumed the post of general prosecutor of the city, from where he promoted macromonal policies against street sales. With Larreta, he was asked to leave as prosecutors' chief and assume justice and security as a justice, which lasted nearly three years in which he was in dispute with Patricia Burich to control the demonstrations: Bulric has always demanded more repression.

"Some rifle had to jump," justified the decision in the government in Buenos Aires, where the majority interpreted Ocampo's departure as a victory for Bulrich. "He had to give up the product of the pressures," Park Patricius explained. However, if Ocampo held a line other than that of the security minister, it not only at will: she presented Lauret's decision not to be the first line of shock in confrontations with protesters, which could constitute an obstacle to his political career ( everyone knows: Larretta dreams about the presidency). Okampo's future is not written: as a permit in the Attorney General's office, she could re-direct that power to the state of Buenos Aires, which until then Louis Tevasco continued to drive. In his surroundings, they did not react if he plans to return to that position.

With Santillas – an important leader in Cambiemes – who takes over the ministry while continuing as deputy chief, the security minister will have a counterbalance when it comes to discussion and pressure on the city.

Larretta led the second press conference in which he said: "I accepted Okampo's resignation. I appreciate the commitment of all these years." He made a positive assessment of his leadership and gave no reasons for his resignation.

"The government's maximum political responsibility, Diego Santilli, will assume the post of minister of security," the head of government said. He pointed out that the functions he holds as the head of government will be left at the head of another official, the secretary for civil development, Mathias Lopez. "I ratify my profession to follow it thoroughly in the fight against barrabravas. I look with good eyes that justice is investigating. Justice must go to the bottom," said Larreta, who said she welcomed the initiative against violence in sports in the Congress. "I think that the president's decision to insist on extraordinary law against bars," Larreta insisted. For his part, Santilli said: "We ratify a comprehensive security plan. For us, a comprehensive security plan is our main concern."

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