Sunday , May 16 2021

Oil companies will announce a fall in gas prices – the economy

Oil companies, with YPF in the lead, are preparing to announce next week cut in gas prices, which in some cases will reach 4%, after the fall of the international crude barrel that has been going on for several weeks, has shifted this Saturday.

Energy Secretary Javier Iguazel discussed the issue with oil companies, so the offices assumed that at some point next week, the pumps would reflect a decline that would be a minimal response to users who endured very strongly 70% increases throughout the year.

The argument that the Government gave is not just drop of barrel Brent, which is taken as a reference in Argentina, but also on exchange stability, beyond the rearrangement of the dollar in recent days.

For their part, oil companies have reminded that this month will be greater weight for both fuel taxes, which apply to carbon dioxide emissions and the classic ITC, adjustable for inflation.

From December, the two taxes would add weight to almost 25% of the pump's value.

Therefore, it is estimated that in some fuels, such as Super oil, low during December would be only 2%.

Instead of, the premium oil will reduce the average 4%, according to calculations that oil companies have defined, observing the costs at their refineries.

According to official data, oil and diesel supplies fell by 2.8% in October last year compared to the same month of 2017.

But the use of Premium Oil fell sharply, by 28.8%, due to a subsequent increase in pump prices, and this would be the reason for the price cut to be higher in this fuel.

For a year went from selling 253 thousand cubic meters to only 180 thousand.

In the case of Higher Quality Diesel, grade 3, the sales decline was 6.6% in the last 12 months.

November began with an increase of 5% in Shell and Axion, but one week had to cut its growth in half, as YPF, which has an average of 56% of the market, only adjusted its products by 2.5%.

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