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Officially: Boca only rejected his first figure

"Welcome to the cradle of Mexican football, Edwin Cardona! #NewCrackTuzo is our third valve for Clausura 2019. #TeJuroQueTeAmo ".

So he announced the Pachuca Club in Mexico to Edwin Cardona like a new reinforcement. This way, the 26-year-old Colombian is the first footballer to leave Boca officially. In "Xeneize" he played 46 matches, he called him 11 goals and gave five assists.

"They always showed great interest to me and thank God for reaching an agreement. Someone knows the size of Pachuca, which was considered other Colombians as Calero, Chitiva, Aquilavdo, Medina, Murillo, much more that I can name them. Now let's demonstrate everything on the ground ", Cardona said, which was introduced through live broadcasting on Tuzo's social networks.

Now the former Boca player joins the other two reinforcements of Pachuca, who are Ismail Sosa, The Argentine of the Tigris, and Victor Davila, the former Nekaksa. The big goal in "Tuzo" will be returned the club to Ligula, an example they did not approve for two years.

In this last time, Edwin Cardona did not have much place in the Guillermo scheme Barros Scoop, although he left a very good memory in the fans, about his resemblance to the game with Riquelme, the great hit and especially for his free kick of the golfer to the river in the monumental stadium.

Although it was "marked" by the penalty, which led to the first goal and a small reaction in the second goal of the Millionaire in the Argentine Super Cup, who lost Boca in Mendoza.

However, its high clause (about six million dollars) it was the main obstacle and everything foretold his future outside of "Xeneize". He arrives in Pachuca for a one-year loan with a buying option, which suggests that Gustavo Alfaro, a brand new DT from Boca, I did not want to take it into account. Angelic expected that if the new coach asked for it, they would make an effort.

Cardona returns to Mexican football, where she has already defended the colors of Monterey. He also wore the shirt of the Independent Santa Fe, Junior de Barranquilla and Atletico Nacional, all from Colombia. Apart from being part of almost all youth teams in his country, and also in the Major.

In the next few hours, Lisandro Magalan will run with the same happiness as Ajax agreed the numbers to buy the whole pass. Dutch club will pay 9 million euros gross by the counsel with the extension of the contract of four and a half years.

From the amount paid by the European film, Gymnastics and fencing La Plata will receive 1.8 million euros, because it has 20% of the passport of the football player Defender at 25 years old will have a new partner Nicholas Taglififo. In addition, you can play the series for knockout stages of the Champions League against Real Madrid.

Also, despite rumors about the Italian press who claimed that Napoli I would like to pay 15 million euros from Agustin Almond and that Boca would have asked at least 20 million to negotiate, representative of the player 18 years denied that he had contact from "Azuri".

"No one called us and Boca does not want to sell him, he will not move in January, there were no contacts" confirmed Adrian Roko, in the dialogue with the media of Tuttonpoli.

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