Monday , October 25 2021

Of course! Xiaomi Mi A1 is updated on Android 9 Pie


In recent weeks, Xiaomi is working to update Android 9 Pie, which was probably the most important terminal of this house in 2017. We are acting on Xiaomi Mi A1, which was supposed to be updated on Android Pie a few weeks ago.

But it's better than late, as the saying goes, and some users are starting to receive the final version of this new firmware without having to register in beta and therefore without problems or failures in the system. At least in theory.

Xiaomi Mi A1 is updated with an important novelty

One of the few failures we can put on this model was that it was a mid-range smartphone FM radio. This is especially important in Spain, where many people listen to the radio on the go.

Well, the owners of Mi A1 are lucky because the update will activate the FM chip that this smartphone brings.

Android 9 Pie arrives with all the novelties

In addition to this independent system update, we see how Pie's improvements will be in Mi A1, such as Digital Wellbeing, where we can check the time they spend in applications.

Control gestures are also incorporated, such as Pixel 3, although in Mi A1 it does not make as much sense as in Mi A2 or A2 Lite, because in the last year's model we still have haptic buttons in the lower frame.

In the published screenshots, we will also see how the interface has been modified in the application area and in the sound control system of the system.

This OTA covers 1074.9 MB and there are markets in which it has already begun to deploy, such as Bangladesh. Unless there are problems, such as those that occurred in the Nugat-to-Oreo jump, it is expected that in a few weeks the update will reach more countries, such as Spain.

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