Sunday , April 11 2021

Nvidia uses an old cdec to reduce the GTX 1650

The new 16-series processor is more weird than it looks.

From Diego Emeg / 14 comments


In a little strange movement, Nvidia ejected the codec NVENC Turing of the new GTX 1650 functionality package that was just launched. With each new architecture of green, from Kepler, introduced a new cdec. Recognizing that the new 1650 uses the same cdec that Volta had, is a surprise, especially since the rest of the Turing Series 16, which benefits from the latest NVENC. Cdec is the only Nvidia solution to ease encoding tasks in order to conserve the processing power of other tasks.

Among the DJs of Volta and Turing there is a difference of 15% of the performance, which is not very, but certainly something to be considered when passing live games. There is still no official version of the decision, but the most obvious reason is that by deciding on the old code, the costs are reduced, but few can look like it. As a graphic design at the low end of which the AMD RX 580 makes it so difficult, any small savings is crucial. Another one of the theories is that Nvidia tried to reducing the number of transistors in the GTX 1650 to improve your energy consumption. It is true that the preference of the old NVENC does not make much difference in consumption, but it is possible that for green it is still important.

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