Tuesday , August 3 2021

Now you can do automatic overclocking of your NVIDIA GTX graphics card with OC Scanner | Technology

In September last year, NVIDIA introduced a feature called OC scanner, on its new RTX graphics cards. It serves to execute automatic overclocking, depending on your team. Now, OC scanner arrives on NVIDIA GTX 10 cards.

Graphic cards are produced with a large heating limit, to avoid defects. This means that they do not work at full capacity. Overclocking the card consists of increase the clock speed and change the voltage, to increase its performance by 5 or 10%. In most cases, this is not a problem, but if the heat does not disappear properly, it can cause computer accidents and reboot.

Many graphics cards are sold with the OC tag, like this GTX 1050 OC. This means that it is overclocked by the factory. You just need to press a button to activate it overclocking. However, most of the cards do not have this feature, so you have to make manual overclocking, trying different values ​​until the card starts to succeed and tell us "I can come here"

How to overclock the graphics card

With the release of the new RTX cards, NVIDIA included a new feature called OC scanner, which performs various tests on your equipment to check how it holds the heat, and performs a automatic overclocking adjust the clock speed and voltage of the card.

Now, OC scanner is also available for the NVIDIA GTX 10 series cards, ie GTX 1050, GTX 1060, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080.

To use, you need an overclocking service MSI Afterburner, in version 4.6.0 Beta 10. By clicking on the OC icon that appears in the upper left corner of the screen is activated OC scanner. After a series of tests (which may cause a reboot or blocking, because the card is forced to the maximum), a automatic overclocking and safe for your team:

It must be clarified that although the application is called MSI Afterburner working with all cards, MSI is just a sponsor.

Quick and easy way to improve the performance of your NVIDIA GTX 10 badge badge, if you do not know how to make manual overclocking or not dare.

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