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Now there is enough space – 30/01/2019

Since the quota of foreigners became a headache for Mundo Boca, Alfaro had something clear: whether one of the outsiders had to leave his place for newly arrived George Campuzano, the elected Lucas Olas. But, of course: in the middle, Zenith comes to the charge of Barrios, and if the Colombian leaves, the dilemma will be solved. However, in the end, one thing does not take away the other. The Uruguayan could go on loan to Shelta de Vigo from Spain. And in that case, Boca will have a chance to go out and look for another stranger …

Look, too

Look, too

So the passing markets: for a few hours, and so close to closing, if both players leave the club, Boca will go from having a stranger having the opportunity to hire another and thus reach the six AFAs every club.

The specific thing is that this Tuesday in full practice, the Uruguayan left the property of Ezeiza, and was then left outside the list of concentrates that will travel to San Juan to face San Martin on Thursday for the Super League.

Look, too

On the left side, there will still be alternatives to the Shadows. There will be Emmanuel Mas and Frank Fabra, who still have about five weeks to get back on track. And another option is Junior Alonso, who can play in that position.

Will you now look for the missing creative flyer?

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