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New escrache to Darthes at the Banco Nación branch in San Pablo

After a scandal after the actor's violation application Telma Fardin made against Juan Dartes, the actor decided to settle with his family in Brazil, the country where he was born. However, far from not being left unnoticed or leaving the subject behind, is the main character of a series of eskkriti. The last occurred at the Banko Nacional de San Pablo branch, where a feminist collective celebrated the poster post with their photograph and legend: "rapist".

The entrance to the headquarters of Banco de la Nassion Argentina, located on Avenida Paulista, was covered on Friday with a poster that read: "Juan Darts escapes to San Pablo. He broke a minor"The images were distributed on the Facebook profile of the Feminist Collective of Argentines in Sao Paulo.

escrache juan darthes san pablo 12242018
A feminist collective made a sketch against actor Juan Dartes at the Banko Nacional de San Pablo branch. PHOTO: Facebook

This group was also the one that, at the headquarters of the Argentine Consulate on Avenue Paulista, also made another escrache. There they posted posters with the actor's face and several messages with hashtags #NoEsNo, #YoTeCreoHermana, #MiraComoNosPonemos.

Arriving in Brazil. Darts arrived in San Pablo on Thursday, a few days after the release of the public that Telma Fardin, an actress with whom he shared a cast in The ugly Duckling. This judicial presentation took place in Nicaragua, where the events took place during a tour of a juvenile tape in that country in 2009, when the girl was 16 years old.

escrache a darthes brasil 12242018
The Feminist Collective of Argentines in Sao Paulo spread the images of escrache. PHOTO: Facebook

When the actor leaves the country, the lawyer from Fardín, Sabrina Cartabia, Explained at a press conference: "All reports of sexual violence against women in this country must overcome obstacles to achieving justice."

In that context, even after the interview Darts gave to Mauro Viale, where he assured that he would be at his disposal for justice, the lawyer concluded: "We hope that you will keep your word and that it is not a strategy for delay. We will continue along the same path and we will seek cooperation between Argentina and Nicaragua to achieve effective research. "

Brazilian actors have rejected Dartte's presence in his country

A request that crossed the borders. "The bad with one, a mess with everyone" was the slogan by which Brazilian actresses supported their Argentine colleagues and rejected the arrival of the actor in that country.

In this context, they expressed through social networks: "We, Brazilian nurses, we reject the arrival in Brazil of Juan Darttes, The Argentine actor recently condemned him for rape by actress Telma Fardine. Telma was a minor during rape and her complaint joins the other women, referring to acts of harassment and sexual abuse committed by Juan. Actors from Brazil and Argentina are together, organized and cautious. "


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