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Netflix: a series that we can see in December

We can say that this month terror and action dominate landing premieres


, from the psychological horror of
You, going through apocalyptic
By Nation, until the unstoppable action of the American remake
The marginal and the
camp which goes through a special episode of
The hidden world of Sabrina. Here, look at the main series that arrives on the platform to bid farewell to the year.

* INMAT (First Season)

Prisoner Source: Archive

The great success of El Marginal, the creation of Adrián Caetano and Sebastián Ortega, who is on his way to his third season, has crossed the borders and imagined it
The convict, the American remake of the prison drama
Juan Minoyin plays a major role later on
by Claudio Risi and Nicholas Furtado. This adaptation has the production of Telemundo International and
Ortega and Inna Paian. The series, which consists of 13 episodes, focuses on the character of Lazaro Mendoza (the Argentine Ignacio Serikio, who triumphs in Hollywood and will soon see him in
Mul on
Clint Eastwood, a former sailor who enters a maximum prison for border security between Mexico and the United States, with a clear goal: to investigate the kidnapping of Linda Morris (Isabella Castillo), the daughter of a powerful judge. That is to say, we are facing the same premise as it is
On the marginal, a product that continues to fill Ortega with pride.

"The closed universe is like a jungle, where the strongest and the worst survive, in these spaces, coexists with dirt, with a constant threat, where danger can be waiting for you around the wall. What happens in the jungle, the prison has the same adrenaline opportunities that appear at any moment, and it's very rich to generate stories, "
the producer told LA NACION.
Available from December 7th.

* PINE GAP (First Season)

Pine Gap
Pine Gap Source: Archive

If closing the
The house of cards has eagerly strengthened us for new political dramas,
Pine Gap he comes to try to fill the gap that is difficult to fill. It is an Australian production created and written by Greg Huddick and Felicity Packard, directed by Matt King, behind the six episodes that the program debuts at Netflix.
Pine Gap as its epicenter of action has shared defense intelligence capabilities of Australia and the United States. As a result, tension will be generated between analysts from both countries when they must work at the same level and limited in Alice Springs. So far, much is known about the narrative drama that promises intrigues and twists worthy of the best espionage series. "We are honored to have an excellent caliber to give him life
Pine Gap, We are developing the program for four years and the wonderful feeling is that we can say that we are in production "
Haddrick was a couple of months ago. As far as
cast On which
showrunner, the series is played by Parker Sawyers (the revelation of the recommended
Southside with you,
where former US President Barack Obama was playing), Tys Haubrich, Jacqueline McKenzie and Steve Tussunt.
Available from December 7th.

* BERLIN CULTURES (First Season)

Dogs in Berlin
Dogs in Berlin Source: Archive

When there is a chemistry among its protagonists, the stories of unequal couples – the so-called. movies and series
comrade-friend – almost always work in their archetypes and common places. In this case,
Dogs in Berlin That's precisely the point: to point out the differences between her central characters. The second German original Netflix series
After the famous darkness, the enigma is ejected to solve: the killing of a football star to be tried by these two detectives who must solve the case because of the corrupted figures that will put clubs on the wheel. This criminal drama – that at this moment is moving away from the narrative tone of the production
comrade-friend – It is developed in 10 episodes and is under the command of Fahri Yardim as Erol Birkan and Felix Kramer as Kurt Grimer, men who will have to put their differences aside to be able to do their job.
Dogs in Berlin there
showrunner, author and director of Christian Alvart, a true specialist when generating uncertainty, as we have seen in his feature films
Pandorum and
Case 39
Available from December 7th.

* Outlander (Third Season)

Outlander Source: Archive

The British-American series created for Starz by Ronald D. Moore in 2014 – which as a basic material is the saga of the novels of Diana Gabaldoon –
It's really addicted, and with the passing of seasons the dosing scenario turns that fits so well into that fusion of fantasy, romance and historical drama. Remember that
Outlander begins to show Claire's life (always superb
Caitriona Balfe), a nurse who, during World War II, was transported to Scotland from the 18th century by a magical event, leaving behind her daily life, with all that implies. Since its inception, the
Outlander – a drama in which they also stand out
Sam Hagen and
Tobias Menzies – has always been to show the split nature of his fascinating protagonist. "She is the woman in the world; she is someone who is devoted to what she wants, even if she has to pay for it, how to minimize the depth of her passions"
discovered Balfe for the change his personality makes in the third season that comes to Netflix this month.
Available from December 11th.

* FULL HOUSE (Fourth season)

Fuller house
Fuller house Source: Archive

The Rise of
processing, on
renewal and continues as if there is no end, and
Fuller house That's an example of this. Recall that his predecessor,
Full house by Jeff Franklin, it was
boom in the 80s and 90s, in which they have emerged as stars
Sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but whose comic moves fell to their protagonists: Bob Sayet and
John Stamos. In this second part, the character of D.J. Taner-Fuller (Candace Cameron Bure), who is now married to a firefighter with three children, Jackson, Max and Tommy. When her husband suddenly dies, D.J. he will have to raise his children to San Francisco, the house where he grew up with his sister Stephanie (Jody Sweetin, also one of the figures of
sitcom original), the necessary support to cross the difficult moment.
Fuller house, also known as
Forced mothers, was premiered in February 2016, and nostalgia for the home series was a key factor when it comes to guaranteeing recovery for the fourth season.
Available from December 14.

* Congregational World of Sabrina: A Closed Story (Special)

Sabrina and a special episode
Sabrina and a special episode Source: Archive

The return of Sabrina Spilman came with the stamp of Roberto Aguirre-Sakas, a show and author of the original comic, the adventures of Shaling Sabrina, which was very far from the tone of the series of soap operas starring Melissa Joan Srce. The creative director of Archie Comics shows the division of life of the protagonist (
Kirnen Shipka, crazy men) – half a witch, half dead – which must be hidden from her boyfriend and friends that the inner struggle that dominates in her between what she wants to be and what she owes. The first season of the creative series
Riverdale – we expect a future
crossover between the two productions – has respect for references to the genre of terror and uncertainty, the most symbolic case
Roman Polanski, for whom the smell of Rosemary's baby is permanent.

How to calm our anxiety to the premiere of the second season, Netflix will premiere a special Christmas episode, directed by Jeff Woolnuf, and focuses on how the so-called. The Church of the Night celebrates the Winter Sun gathering around the fire to sing pagan Christmas songs and tell stories of ghosts … until unexpected visitors arrive. "I'd say that the series has humor, definitely, and there's also a little bit
camp, but each episode is like a horror movie, or in fact the whole series is a great ten-hour horror film,
I was in front of Aguirre-Sakas to Los Angeles.
Available from December 14.

* DIABLERO (First Season)

Diablero Source: Archive

The fiction that arrives this month on the platform is woven with Mexican folklore to portray a terrible story of a group of demons that endanger humanity, and that on the streets of Mexico there is a bloody battle between good, evil, and so on. "dialer", who will try to control the demonic forces. The leader of this group is former soldier Elvis Infanta (Horacio Garcia Rojas), who joins with priest Ramiro Ventura (Christopher von Wackerman) and a woman of arms urge Nancy Gamma (vlogger Gisselle Kuri) to stop the catastrophe. The trifle will try to avoid releasing real chaos, so they will sell the angels, demons and various creatures on the black market, one of the many attractive series bases based on the novel of Mexican Francisco Hagenbek,
The devil forced me.

Diablero consists of eight episodes – directed by Jose Manuel Cravio – the closest to the intersection of horror with science fiction
that the psychological terror proposed by The Curse of Hill House. "The series also has human relationships and a lot of comedy, in the fact that they are so different characters that they get to know each other"
revealed the protagonist Garcia Rojas.
Available from December 21.

* YOU (First Season)

You Source: Archive

You is a series that aims to keep the viewer captive from his first episode. This psychological thriller developed by duo Greg Berlanti-Serra Gamble is based on the novel of the same name Carolyn Kepnes and puts a magnifying glass on Jo Goldberg (
Pen Badgley, far away
from his role as Dan Humphrey in the gossip girl), a young man working in a bookstore in New York. In a sudden manner, one day he will meet with Elizabeth Lail, a writer who feels an excessive attraction that causes him to commit offenses, such as getting his most intimate details through access to their networks. Records of this obsession will be displayed during 10 episodes in which the elements of the genre will come into play as the fate of the secondary characters, who in their own body usually suffer from trembling of the psychopathic frame of the protagonist.
You also features performances by Luca Padovan, Zack Ceri and Sai Mitchell, and has already been restored by Life for the second season.
Available from December 26.

* WITH NATION (Fifth Season)

By Nation
By Nation Source: Archive

There is
By Nation For some time. The SyFy series – set in an apocalyptic United States seeking a cure for a deadly virus – returns to Netflix with its fifth season. As in every installment, we will again see how the fear of imminent death confronts the people in that microcosm where the obstacles are the goal of the day,
as happened with the Rain, the Danish series created by Janik Thai Mosholt, Esbben Toft Jakobsen and Christian Potalivo, where toxic rain threatened humanity. While
By Nation, created in 2014 by Carl Schaefer and Craig Engler, does not represent much original aspects, it makes a very good pulse for its action sequences that multiply to convey the paranoia suffered by its protagonists. Kelita Smith, DJ Qualls, Michael Welch and Russell Hodgkinson make up this series that continues without a pause.
Available from December 30th.

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