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Neither Boca nor Monterrey: Edwin Cardona will be the player of Pachuca

In one of the first pumps in the market that passes, now the former Boca player was announced as a new reinforcement of Tuzos.

That Boca waited for the engagement of Gustavo Alfaro to say whether he wanted to have 10 or not. That Monterey was waiting for that decision to leave on his campus or negotiate again. The future of Edwin Cardona was one of the unknown at the end of 2018, but was settled in a completely surprising way ahead of Christmas: the tenth will be Pachuca's player.

Since your arrival tol Xeneize, the talented Colombian he gained the love of fans and a place in the team of the team led by Guillermo Barros Scolot, who looked like an extraordinary element in the 25-year-old Antioquia. However, some scandals and a significant drop in his performance took him from the front line and after a few minutes in the Copa Libertadores final, his exit from Xeneize seemed like a real judicature.

However, the president himself, Daniel Angeliki at the time, said he had not yet confirmed that he would leave La Ribera because he tied the decision to choose the new coach: "If the next DT wants to Cardona, we will start negotiations, warned the president that he would be able to execute the buy-out option in the event Alfalfa asked to have him, although he must speed up the decision because it is valid until December 31.

Meanwhile, Diego Alonso left the door open to return to Monterrey: "By December 31, Boca has the opportunity to buy, until I declare, I can not say anything. But he is a player of good conditions, hierarchy and slowing down"said Uruguay coach, who can get it with open hands if finally Xeneize decides not to buy it.

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Beyond the last words of Tornado, a few months ago, the Mexican press indicated that Ryados (the player's passport holder) was not interested in retrieving him and had already started looking for new equipment. One of the options that was mentioned was Racing, although it was not possible to make sure that it decided to increase the investment of 6 million dollars. It was also talked about returning to Atletico Nacional, but Verde goes through a delicate economic situation that made it impossible to face engagement.

What no one expected was the appearance of Tuzos in the middle, but the announcement came with the Santa's couples. After a series of mysterious tweets, the club announced the midfielder's engagement for the next season, which puts it as one of the bombings on the market and leaves Boca without the ability to keep the player in the event Alfaro asks for it.

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