Saturday , May 8 2021

NASA: "Elon Musk will not see smoking marijuana in public"

Elon Mash will "no longer see" smoking marijuana or alcohol publicly, as he did during an interview in September, NASA's Jim Bridgestone administrator was quoted by the Atlantic newspaper.

In early September, the founder of Space X and Tesla, in a conversation with US comedian Joe Rogan, He drank whiskey and even smoked marijuana mixed with tobacco. The conversation, filmed for the comic book's podcast, was broadcast on the Internet and generated great controversy on the Internet in general, and especially on American society.

"This was not convenient and inspired confidence, and the leaders of these organizations should take this as an example of what to do when they run an organization that will open US astronauts," said Bridgestone. "He is dedicated to security like everyone, and understands that this is not appropriate behavior, and this will not be seen again. "

Recently, the space agency ordered an overview of culture and safety at the Boeing and SpaceX workplace. The two companies have been selected by NASA to provide a spacecraft to transfer astronauts to the International Space Station, with the first test flights scheduled for the next year.

There is an agreement a combined value of 6.8 billion dollars and predicts that both companies "maintain a program for achieving a workforce without drugs and alcohol".

Safe first

Bridenstine said revisions are a measure to ensure that these companies are not prone to suffering accidents that could cause astronauts' death for safety reasons at the workplace, stress and long working hours.

All these potential problems have become a concern for NASA, according to Bridgestone, following the incident with male marijuana, along with its many public and transparent admissions that it is working on exhaustion.

However, NASA's executive director said working culture and security assessment were on his agenda before smoking publicly marijuana. The substance is now legal in California, where the presenter Rogan is filing his podcast, but Birdendin said he was more concerned about drugs such as cocaine and the use of opiates which could seriously affect the evaluation and performance of Boeing and SpaceX employees.

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