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Nancy Dupla of Maurizio Macri: "You'll have to pull yes or yes"

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April 17, 2019

Actress Nancy Dupla addressed the leadership of Cambiemes and stressed the personality of Maria Eugenia Vidal.

Nancy Dupla of Maurizio Macri:
Nancy Dupla of Maurizio Macri: "You'll have to pull yes or yes"

Actress Nancy Dupla always expressed his support for the former president. In addition, he also criticized Maurizio Macri's government.

On Tuesday evening, the artist was invited to the invitation by Nunca es Tarde, from Fox, and spoke about the current management of Cambiemes and gave controversial statements.

Within the premiere of his film "El Retiro", and when consulted by officials, Dupala said that they should take a "step away" from politics. From the politicians they saved Martin Lusto, Roberto Lavanga and Maria Eugenia Vidal.

On current governor of the province of Buenos Aires, said: "It's a political animal. I disagree with her ideology and her sayings, but she is a woman who is a current, who is young and who loves her. "

On the contrary, when it was time for President Mauricio Macri to speak, he said: "Mauricio will have to retire Yes or yes, there will be no place to go"

Nancy Duplaá more Kirchner than ever: "Christina is the only one who can draw us out of all this"

In addition, he commented on a possible presidential bid Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. "We do not yet know whether to participate in the elections and it probably causes some disorganization inside, "he said.

"I think she is the only one who has shown that she can bring people back with her sparrow into her pocket, inside the villageeducation and health system. I believe that she, with her team and her movement, is the only one who is ready to take us out of this situation, "he said.

As for corruption cases involving former employees of the Kirchner administration, the actress said: "With Pablo we are pleased that some frauds that always appear in politics are revealed and that they are prosecuted and put in prison.

Nancy Dupla's phrase in "100 days to fall in love", which reminded the CFK

However, with the former president was taxable and said: "In the case of Christina, we continue to trust her innocence until proven otherwise. We understand that this is a critical moment for Kirchner and Kristina, with persecution that is rarely seen. "

"Politically, we are still immature in Argentina, but there is still plenty to clean up, surely. But I think that There are many people with a service profession who join the movement and want to do things well. And Christina is surrounded by these people", Closed.

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