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Nailla Trindade, a model that condemned Neymar, said: "I told him that nothing would happen without a condom, and he raped me" – 06/05/2019

Less than a week before the broken scandal, the Brazilian Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza, who claims he was raped by Neymar, publicly spoke for the first time and discovered that the crack of the Vermearrela team attacked him to ask her to wear a condom during their meeting on May 15 at a Paris hotel.

"We started kidding each other, kissing each other, that's fine, he started hitting me and telling me the first few times, okay, then I began to hurt me very much, I asked to stop because I was hurt , he said "I'm sorry, nice." I asked if he brought condoms, he said no, and I said nothing would happen (…) He turned me and executed the act, while the execution of the act continued to forcefully hit me in the back. It was very fast, "the journal Conexao Reporter told SBT on Wednesday.

Nailla Trinadade, as she is known for her work as a model, said she traveled to France with all payments for the PSG attacker, after meeting through a social network. He revealed that he had arrived in Paris to have "sexual relations" with Neymar, but he said the footballer arrived "changed".

"Force me to a sexual act without using a condom", De Souza confirmed, which revealed that among the tests she gave to the police is the image with her with bruises that Neymar sent one day after their meeting.

For its part, Danilo Garcia de Andrade, a lawyer for the girl, said that "probably next week" will deliver a seven-minute video to the police. The film recording would fit the second meeting between Neymar and De Souza, in which the model attempted to prove the apparent aggression suffered earlier.

Neymar has already been notified by authorities to testify of the second alleged crime, publishing a video in her defense, in which she publishes parts of the conversations with her, as well as photographs of the model, even though she did not reveal her name or completely expose the face or the intimate parts of it.

Look, too

Before the friendly Wednesday's match against Qatar in the Brazilian capital, from which he was injured, listening to his participation in the next Copa America, Neymar made his Instagram profile and thanked "family and friends" for "positive messages" "who receives it and keeps it" balanced and focused ".

"I've never felt so loved by you, thank you, today I have one of the hardest parties in my life, if it was not for the circumstances, the joy of the Lord is our strength," the attacker said, who received a message on Wednesday. support for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

The president confirmed that the player "is in a difficult moment" and that he hopes to "give him a hug" because "he believes in him".

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