Thursday , May 6 2021

Mystery in Salta: a uncle and his niece have an affair

jump on the uncle's dead

The bodies were in one of the five rooms in the house in a demolition state, located in Farm Marina, near the tambourine. The site was occupied by several farm workers.

They were found by Tapia's brother, who warned that he was absent from his papers, went to search. When he got in place, he discovered that the body of a man hung from the ceiling and a teenager lay dead in bed. This one they would have signs of mechanically hanging neck marks, without sexual violenceaccording to the newspaper Tribune

The youth had a relationship with resistance from the rest of the family. The last Friday, November 30Mikaela fled home to live with her uncle.

In the beginning, the researchers said it was a femicide followed by suicide, but after exploring the couple's history, he also considered the possibility of Pakistani suicide.

On Office of the Criminal Prosecutor's Office no. 1 of the unit for serious offenses against persons was appointed at the head of the case.

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