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Moto Razr is regressed: announces an event before presenting the renovations

Motorola is gearing up to celebrate an event inolvable on Nov 13, the compañía no lo the official form revision, pero todo indica que presentarán el plefable pleo Moto Razr.

Excitement for Involving a Motorola's Inolvable Event Event at the Expected Tan de la reinvención de unconcon ”, dice la media investment.

The event was played by a caboose in Los Angeles, California and by officers "Experiencias inmersivas", created by director Willo Perron. También habrán actuaciones musicales e otros invitados especiales, indicaron.

La publicidad en torno a Moto Razr indica that is original como ningún otro y hay imágenes muestran cómo se dobla el dispositivo, aunque los detalles no se aprecian claramente.

Los rumores aunt Motorola, alista the lanzamiento of a plegable cell phone that is the source of the Moto Razr to find one of the first mobile phones in the company estadounidense lanzado en 2004 y que marcó una época.

This new device is available on the Galaxy Fold Competition, Samsung's flexible mobile phone list available for pre-order in Navidad and a precise approximation of USD 1,600, a great deal more on the surcoreana companion.

The nuevo mobile retomarie of the Moto Razr de antaño, pero con una pants doble y táctil.

Information of specialized media in technology, how to make a phone call incrementally in the trunk a long way, but no ancho, no matter what, a new type of device incorporating trousers with multimedia front panels.

Otros reportses as if the cell phone was the original one with an exterior pants and a superior image as a solo concept, Nos de ver el telephono trent a trousers con aspecto de 18: 9 duo de la l'history of the actual devices.

The median height of 6.2 pixels is approximately 2142 x 876 pixels. The exterior and the bottom of the trousers have a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels for the diary.

Indicates that the battery has a single capacitor of 2730mAh; pero tanto el Galaxy Fold como el Huawei Mate X batteries en su interior, but that's just what the Motorola Razr has to offer with 2730mAh battery packs.

The new Moto Razr has a capacity of 12 GB of RAM, with 512 GB of internal storage, with 4K resolution and Snapdragon 855 chips.

The XDA Developers site has reviews that consider the features of the Moto Razr. que sería lanzado en los proximas semanas:

Pantalla has 6.2 pixels, with resolution of 2,142×876 pixels

Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 710

64GB o 128GB storage

Colores blanco, negro y dorado

Motorola's all about su Smart TV

Motorola is a companion that has to deal with smartphones in the form of smartphones, but this does not mean that it is dedicated solely to this product. But now, there are amplifications to the horizons of the Smart TVcon sector of the Moto TV with Android operating system.

Motorola's Smart TV has a head start in an event in India. These are initiated with precisely competitively designed models HD resolution and 32 pixels at 65 and 4K with MEMC technology incorporation.

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