Friday , April 16 2021

Mortal Kombat 11 will receive two patches in order to reduce excessive grinding

If at the beginning of this week we discussed the possibility of doing so NetherRealm do something to calm the hostility in terms of grinding in Mortal Kombat 11, now it seems that we already have a concrete solution. Or two, instead.

On two patches that the studio will soon release it, with the first landing of our consoles and computers before this Monday, will be designed precisely to reduce the excessive time and / or resources needed to get many of the items without the possibility of unlocking in Crypt. A problem for which many users have shown their dissatisfaction, believing – despite the fact that real money there seems to be no place at the time of acquiring this sort of thing – which was a subtle way pushes us towards microtransaction.

The first data of this oath has already been announced and will include, inter alia, rseparating the weight of the fighting in Towers of time, both in terms of the health of our opponents, as well as the effects and frequency of the modifiers; varied adjustments in the movements of some characters and the typical improvements relate to the stability of the game itself.

The second patch is expected to arrive in the next week, adjusting the weight of artificial intelligence, raising the towers and giving players an additional 500,000 coins, 500 hearts, 1,000 soul fragments and 1,000 crystals of time; in the hope that it helps to relax the environment and we can enjoy this game – which we liked very much, we tell you from now – without unnecessary diversions.

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