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"Moria told me to prepare myself to …" Ianina Scripante told the advice that One gave her!

The media talked about his departure from "Dancing" and made a great revelation.

Shortly after joining "Super Dance 2019" and after one presentation, Ioannina Skriparan was excluded from the public vote program. The media was sentenced in competition with Ailén Bechara and the famous singer, Cae, who took 16, 10 per cent of the votes of viewers. After his bad luck, Ioannina He uncovered the advice he had received before going out on the track.

One of them was part of Moria Kazan. In an interview with the magazine "Karas" the panelist of "Inaccurate" He said: "Moria told me to be ready to get in the mud with a needle, and the truth was that he was right." Then, he admitted: "Speaking before the debut with Sofia Zamolovo and" Nina "Webber, the two told me to accept that it was a unique experience and that I would love it."

On his passage through the competition and the sharp jury's return, he said: "We took the lowest score and paid for the floor, I think they were a bit tough." Later, very upset, Jani He argued: "I did not puzzle myself at all, I did not look at the floor and everyone pointed out that I played well, because it was my first time."

Then she remembered that in 2016 she was summoned, but then she was not sure, and finally she did not accept. "We went back together and now I was thinking about it in a different way. I knew it was a dance competition that requires technique and training hours, which is an immediate change of life, because I did not go to the hall and was going through a fairly strong moment," he said. the model.

"I was surprised by the proposal, I did not expect it, I did not know that new couples were added, but I was thinking about it, I listened and they convinced me. They always say that" everything is happening, it agrees, "so I decided to take it this moment, "he said. former partner of Poco Lavetsi. "From the moment I was a model, I was tempted to do things in kind, you will see that my profile can go," he said.

I always wanted to travel a lot, with "Poco" and with my previous boyfriend
I've been living out for a long time. I liked what swallowed life and returned, while
now, if I settled here and called me again, "he said." I do not understand,
but if important figures such as Tinelli (Marcelo), Moria (Kassan)
Quaver (Martin) and Villa's daughter (Maria Noel Villa) call me for something
it will be, "she added excitedly.

Finally, he made it clear that he did not mind his former partner. "No, it's obvious that, for a while, the girlfriend of Poco gave me more popularity, except in fashion and social environment, and he knew me. And while I do not have a new boy, I will continue to be" the former Poco "… laughter. "It does not bother me in any way, for something I chose to be eight years old with that person. And that I identify with him is logical, I do not deny my past, "closed Screpante.

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