Tuesday , May 11 2021

Monumental, River Fort

River close the year at the stadium Monumental. On Millionaire set He played his last match in this scenario and won an important victory against the Gymnasium y Esgrima de La Plata, a constant that was reproduced in 2018. It's that team led by Marcelo Gallardo is transformed into Antonio Vespuccio Liberty in real power, where I only knew defeat in a single opportunity.

In this 2018, the Millionaire played 17 games. Twelve of these games were from the Super League, and the remaining five were from Copa Libertadores de Amrika. On Millionaire won the harvest win more than important, won eleven matches this year, tied five and lost the game. That only defeat was ahead of Gremio 1-0 in the Copa Libertadores de Amrica semifinal.

What is also admired is the small amount of goals that the Unsatisfied in 2018 Monumental He turned 28 goals and only scored seven goals against. Of the seven adversaries, six were received by Franco Armani, and the rest of German Luks. The former national athlete was present in 14 matches in Antonio Vespuccio Liberty, while the three other games are played by a football player who appeared in the divisions of Millionaire,

The ultimate victory of the River in Monumental in 2018 it was given by the Argentine Super League De Football. He was 4-1 against San Martin de San Juan in one of the games in which Marcelo Gallardo decided to put an alternative team to protect his players considering the grand goal of the Millionaire in 2018, the Copa Libertadores de Amrika to be defined in Santiago Bernabu .

The strawberry of dessert for Millionaire would be to play the rematch of the Superfinale against Boca in Monumental. However, the controversial decision by Conquest to move the final to Madrid due to the serious incidents that occurred in Antonio Vespuccio Liberty, when the game has to be played against Boca, has taken away the fans of the most important game of the year.

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