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Mirko broke the car and his dog Bailey went to fix it

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December 1, 2018

Marley's baby continues to do his own and this time he scored his goal thanks to his pet.

Mirko and Bailey They are already part of Instagram's most watched, thanks to the fact that their father shows them constantly and his publications quickly become viral because of the success of the whole family in the technological world.

In the last hours and from the baby's account in the social network, Mirko He complained that his car was not working and his pet threw himself to fix it.

"I broke my car, but fortunately my dog ​​Bailey is a mechanic and he threw himself to fix it," he wrote. child, who generated thousands of comments from his followers who died of love to see the publication.

Will Mirko have a smaller brother or sister? "Now I see what I'm doing if I'm a little sister or a little brother. I do not know what to do, I did not know it was so. I welcome all mothers and fathers who are dedicated to filling their children," the famous presenter said, talking about it how difficult it is to raise a child, to be interviewed by Veronica Lozano in Reduce from Lozano.

Remember that a new member has been added to the presenter's family: it's a dog called "Bailey", which already has a user in the social network of photos and videos.

In recent days, you can see great Wiebe family enjoying the city Pinamar, in full sand and sea.

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