Sunday , August 1 2021

Mike Amigarena: "A man touched me in the subway and I could not do anything"

Talk in the last show of the 2018 program I have to say turns around the courage of women who they said the facts of harassment who suffered at some point in their lives. Mike Amigorena, one of the guests of the America's cycle, took the floor and he referred to the unfortunate experience who lived recently.

"A month and a half ago there were many people in the car (the subway), and I always stay close to the door." Such was such a wet man (he makes a gesture in relation to the man who is high) I was going to leave and he made me do it in the order ", said Amigorena, pointing out that the man touched him.

Before the gestures of surprise to all guests and the driver of the program, Luis Novaresio, he continued with his story: "I swear I stayed … After I say Sofia (Vitola, his girlfriend) and he said to me:So you can see how it feels. "".

"You do not know the feeling … The man came out of the car and looked at him before I went down the stairs, I had no choice but to insult him. But I could not do anything. I could summon it there, but it does not make sense. What will I do? Will I hit it? Look what the head does. I told myself: ""Imagine that a woman should spend it every five minutes ".

Then he gave more details about the situation and said he felt several times that the man touched him while traveling on the subway: "For the second time I said," This guy touches me. " I was paralyzed. My wife told me: "Imagine that we (keep) the compliments, the collective, the boss …" "

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