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Miguel Acevedo, sobre el bono: "Las empresas no pueden, no van van pagar"

The national and international empire carries a $ 5,000 cash advance for private travelers. There is no embargo, no toll boats for you to negotiate this semana. Esso is the president of the Union of Industrial Argentina, Miguel Acevedo, which is explicitly said to have a compact interior that does not have the chance of being conjoined.

Empresses that have no pagers, no pagers. Hay a lot of firmas in the interior of the house that are suspended personal or hacer acuerdos. Hay mucha negotiated for the price of the emperor and much more is available", An explicit reference to one of the most important empirical issues in a concurrent report radio Miter.

It is explicable, however, that there are many sectors of the industry that are operating at 50% capacity. As a result of the amount of money consumed, the results were fatal to the median and peak empires.

Acevedo adelantó además that proximas horas habrá nuevas reuniones before the definitive termination of the $ 5,000 yen. No es a dato menor. However, the Argentinean Confederation of Mediana Empresa (CAME) pressures the dividend elsewhere at any price of 1000 pesos. Firmas agrupada en otras plantean otros mechanismos de desembolso.

As they fall short of publicizing the details of the initiative, there is no remuneration (no immediate impact on the page) and no discount on futures negotiations. En términos prácticas, para el trabajador operatio uno adelanto salarial.

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