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Metro Exodus tells us about their pistols in a new video

Exodus Metro Quickly and unstoppably approaches the date of issue. With this, the promotional campaign continued to roll, and the studio released a series of new videos: besides the documentary "behind the scenes," they also feature an explicit clip for weapons and personalization. Now it's OK guns, as you can see below.

Metro Exodus is a journey into the unknown, goodbye to the relative safety of the tunnels of Moscow Metro. In the shelter, all survivors do not agree to stay underground. Some, as the protagonist of the game, Artyom, want to risk going abroad and to explore Moscow's restrictions to engage in an adventure as dangerous as fascinating. What will be beyond the borders? Only mutants? Will there be any humanity?

Developers chose to get rid of linear scenarios to build open gaming experiences. It is not an open world game as such, but a series of wide scenarios connected to the train. The elements of survival are added, but the remnants of narration characterizing the saga remain.

THQ Nordic defends the game's exclusivity in the epic games store

The news jumped by surprise. Metro Exodus will leave Steam to become one of the exclusive products of the Epic Games Store, a new Digital Fortnet maker store. However, in a statement released by Steam, Valve is visibly upset because, according to them, they did not have enough time to inform their customers. However, those who retain the title of Steam can take over normally, as well as the future content that is published. Before the comments that appeared, THQ's Nordic owner of Deep Silver and Koch Media said it this decision was made by the editor, ie Koch Media. They believe that they have measured the advantages and disadvantages, so they gave their firm support.

The Metro Exodus will leave on February 15 Computer, Xbox One and PS4.

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