Monday , May 17 2021

Messi's tension gestures, following a photo by the model Yell Shelby

The exposure to which is repeatedly filed Lionel Messi is almost comparable to that of the president. Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin monopolize almost as many strikes as the Barcelona player, that for every event that goes, it is news for some reason. In this case, La Pulga was a protagonist of a video with the Israeli model, Yale Shelby, who raised all kinds of comments on social networks.

They both took part in the evening organized by a mobile phone, where the player and the model are visible faces. On the red carpet of the event, beautiful Yael approached Messi and embraced him before the photo-waiters waiting for a moment.

Far from relaxing, Messi had a strange attitude, as shy, and unlike him partenaireHe never touched it. He always smiled and revered.

This drew a lot of attention from the social networks, who expressed surprise from the attitude of the Argentinean. Some agreed with their "family man" image, while others spoke of "respect for the family".

Photos and more photos between the player and the model.
Photos and more photos between the player and the model.

There is no doubt that Leo and Antonella managed to form a wonderful family and this is reflected in the fans, who manifested themselves positively in front of every photograph published by the couple or before every event where they show little of their hermetic way of life.

Messi and the Russian promoter in the World Cup preview

It's not Messi's first time to keep the shape of a photo with a beautiful woman. In a review of the World Cup in Russia, the promoter asked for a photo of what he agreed with La Puglia.

The details were that nobody invented anything and nobody was surprised, the ten got hands in his pocket and he took away.

"Hands in your pockets, there's no more embrace, a guy in love," says the epigraph of the journalist who received the photo. And that's it. It will not be something that a simple picture brings trouble at home.

The marriage between Lionel Messi and Antonella Roquo is one of the most famous in Argentina. Their relationship, which began when they were very young, has some kind of fairy tale. Many appreciate that the young Rosario is his lifelong girlfriend, not a woman who approached her for the glory or money.

Messi knows what it's like to be a family man. His Instagram is full of photos with his children, and also with his wife. There is no day when you do not see shooting with Tiago and Mateo.

But Messi knows what a public person is. And everything that can be assembled around him. So be careful when taking pictures with people. And this was the case with the image with Russian promoter and Israeli model.

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