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Merval closed its worst year for a decade with an increase of 2.6% (bonuses dropped to 3.1%)

On which led the Mermaid Index of the Argentine Stock Exchanges (BYMA) rose by 2.6% to 30,292.55 units, led by the positive trend of securities in the financial and energy segments.

Thus, he accumulated decreased by 3.8% in the month, and a marginal improvement of 0.7% in 2018, against annual inflation estimated by private analysts of almost 50%.

Measured in dollars, The main BIMA index sank almost 50%, the worst results since 2008.

"We are saying goodbye to the year in a calmer climate than that of the last days" said the consultant portfolio Personal.

Operators explained that as an annual closure of positions, it became apparent buyback of portfolios in stocks and bonds, which also helped a bit withdrawal in the country's risk level, albeit always at the helm of the presidential administration of the liberal Mauricio Macri.

Sovereign bonds and country risk

In the segment with fixed income, major sovereign bonds denominated in dollars again rose and in some cases rose by more than 3%, in line with the country's improved risk.

The Bonar 2024 led the rush, with a shot of 3.1%; while Bonar 2021 advanced 2.1%, discount and Argentina 2025, 1.8%, and a one-century bonus, 1.6%.

On the other hand, the country's risk – measured by JP.Morgan- dropped 20 units, up to 809 basis points, since this week has risen to an area of ​​838 units, the highest since October 2014.

Local markets will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, for the bridge and the celebration of the arrival of the "New Year", respectively, for Restart normal activity next Wednesday.

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