Sunday , January 24 2021

Memoirs and reactions after listening to "Madeline", Madonna's new song with Malum

This April 17 Madonna officially lied her new single called "Medelin", which he shot to Colombia Maluma and that he promised to be one of the tricks of the year.

However, the reception of Queen's fans of pop, and users of social networks in general, showed it a reinvention expert has not achieved the task to satisfy new generations, although true to their style, is on everyone's lips.

While the chain is expected MTV launch official video on April 24, the music industry can already hear "Madeline", which brings together various musical styles such as pop, urban and trap. This is the first installment of Madonna's new album, which promoted how "Madame X" and it will hit stores on June 14 next.

"Madeline", from Madonna and Maluma

Others remember the migrant member who complained because they were given beans during their passage through Mexico.

Sharper memories Madonna, the suit with Lady Gaga, so they used the singer's image to frighten the pop queen.

There are those who insist on reminding Madonna that she is over 60 years old.

The song was recorded in Los Angeles, California, and speculation about their co-operation began in February last year.

The singers met in August 2018 to dress MTV awards when talking with another great musician, Lenny Kravitz.

"He gave me a blessing and told me that he was ready for the next level … your Queen's love, you are such an inspiration," Maluma wrote to his account at Instagram, haunting her. In Spanish: "I love you Reina, you are a great inspiration".

Since then, there has been a friendship between them, but Malum knows that he is concerned with a live legend of music. So he did not hide his feelings when I listened to the song for the first time on the radio:

"It is impossible to contain tears and the excitement after hearing this … they do not know my happiness and what it represents for my LIFE! #Medellin available on all digital platforms @ madonna It's good to dream … I tell you! ", wrote Columbia on Instagram.

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