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Megan Markle is a gesture to her sister-in-law in the back that surprised everyone

The British royal family was assembled at a Christmas table, and Mehan Markle devoted a brief but affectionate gesture to Kate Middleton.

The royal family attended a Christmas Mass at the Church of Mary Magdalene in Sandringham.

Within a few months, there is speculation that there is a certain rivalry between Megan Markle, and Kate Middleton. Princes Harry and William were not together for several months.

Finally, Markle and Middleton gathered at a traditional Christmas Mass attended by the British Queen. The soldiers came with their husbands, and they smiled at each other.

The four walked in the direction of the church of Santa Magdalena, where the celebration took place, in welcoming the audience. In one moment, Megan Markle He put Kate Middleton's hand in a loving way.

Megan Markle gave a brief but clear hint for Kate Middleton over rumors of confrontation.

This seems to be an attempt Megan Markle to deny the rumors of hostility that supposedly would have existed between the two women.

These rumors culminated when it was announced that Prince Harry and his wife will be evicted from the Kensington Palace, a place they share with their mother-in-law. The official version said they wanted to be more comfortable for the arrival of their first child.

Women were cordial and united.

But other sources claimed that the two women were distancing themselves to the point that they could not withstand the other's presence.

Megan's gesture was captured by cameras that were there, and soon spread from social networks. However, some skeptics argue that everything is setting for the public.

The look Megan Markle chose for her first Christmas as a member of the Royal Family

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