Monday , August 2 2021

Megan Market's strategy to be different from Kate Middleton in real events

When Megan Markle appeared on the stage, it was inevitably comparable Kate Middleton in all aspects, especially for theirs fashion choices.

Middleton is duchess for years, she knows exactly How to dress and your work clothes is a master class clothing approved by the public.

By contrast, the former Hollywood actress was used to walk on red carpets dressed in dazzling, short and sometimes very sexy dresses.

His transition as a monarch forced the American to leave his bodyguard full of glows and replace them more sophisticated and less revealing clothes.

But instead of copying Prince William's wife, a royal member says Megan made "conscious effort"in order not to imitate the Duchess of Cambridge.

Concerned that "not copying Kate's style," Megan's stylist and close friend, Jessica Mulroney, noted a note of Kate's seamless wardrobe. "Control Kate's style, because she's a great example", said the real expert for the magazine Elle.

Markle, 37, tries to Make your own identity. Therefore, Jessica, who lives in Toronto, helps Choose clothes for real events months in advance.

Contrary to that, Kate's stylist, Natasha Archer, has designers who send costumes to Kensington Palace, where she and her assistant plan their costumes.

The privileged source added that Kate, a mother of three, is helping Megan in her royal wardrobe: "Kate is available to help Megan with tips for designers and the right protocol. " Many times dress up with the same designer as Emilija Viksted, but with many different styles.

While Kate's designers include Jenny Pakham, Alexander McQueen and Catherine Walker, Megan prefers Zhivanshi, Stella McCartney and MacKazh shirts.

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